Free Fonts For Designers – Only The Best Of The Last Few Months

If you are a DYW subscriber, you are probably used to articles like this one, posted once every three months and which showcase the best free fonts that have been launched in this time frame.

While this site has become lately one just for web or UI designers, these fonts don’t have to be used just by the two categories of designers that I just mentioned. These fonts can also be used by graphic designers who need new and interesting fonts for their print projects and not only.

We can all agree that using the same fonts over and over again is not a good idea and we recommend using a variation of them in your projects. There are two reasons why we are recommending this:

  • If you use the same fonts on multiple projects, you risk having your designs looking almost the same
  • The second reason why we recommend this is because you will most likely have different types of projects with different audiences and like there are colors or design elements that should be used for certain audiences, so are fonts

I invite you to check out this interesting collection of free fonts for designers that have been released or promote in the last three months. Check them out, read their licenses and use them appropriately.



Web Designers, Get These Great Products On Black Friday

Come one, come all, Black Friday is here and this time web developers and designers are getting their share of the fun.

Read on to see the eleven exclusive deals we’ve got for you this Black Friday and get these products while they are available. Hurry, cause Black Friday isn’t every week.

You’ll see here top products that will make deadlines seem like nothing. You’ll manage to finish the projects for your clients a lot faster.

X by Themeco

X by Themeco

After revolutionizing the theme market, Themeco’s new X 3.0 release brings forth over a dozen new exciting, elegant and functional plugins that are ready to take things to a new level. These new plugins combine functionality with exquisite designs and the result is simply stunning. Building sites with X is magical.

Freebies For Designers – Icons, Fonts, PSD Files And Mockups

There are four basic types of freebies that designers want more than other and these are icons, fonts, PSD files & Sketch files and mockups.

Each of these freebies helps a designer in different ways. For example, the icons can be used in a website or in an app design; fonts can be used as well in a website design, but also in a graphic design project like a business card or poster, and mockups can be used to present your work to your client.

I left the PSD files last because these are mostly used for educational purposes, to learn how other designers have made certain design elements and how you can replicate that technique to do the same thing in your future designs. I know I learned a lot over the years from free PSD files that other designers have made.

By checking out how PSD files are made along with following tutorials you can learn a lot of design techniques and improve yourself as a designer.

This article contains a collection of freebies for almost every designer having free high quality resources that could help a lot.


Helium: Free Icon Set
Helium: Free Icon Set

Showcase Of Modern E-Commerce Websites

In recent years there has been a big increase in the popularity of shopping online, and the success of modern e-commerce websites now relies on cutting edge design to attract the target audience and to strengthen brand image.

All consumers with Internet access can visit any number of modern e-Commerce websites. They can choose from a wide range of products, make a purchase and have it shipped direct to them. Designing a website so that it will stand out from all the rest has therefore become much more of a challenge.

After budget and marketing, the actual design of a website is the biggest topic that an e-commerce seller needs to consider.

Good e-commerce website design is the best way to communicate with consumers and get your main points across. Your website should be designed to reflect the image you want people to have of your business. It has to work as your business card as well as being the best way of assisting sales.

Modern e-Commerce websites must be designed for easy handling by customers, without allowing them to encounter anything confusing or to experience any hassle as a website user. The design has to feature a lot of product data, such as product sizes, prices and quantities, and must it act as a showcase for all the products.

Large corporations generally use predefined styles for their website design. It’s different for a smaller e-commerce website, because then there is no need for a lot of content on the landing page or to have the lengthy menu covering a huge range of categories.

Designers of online shops focus on more than just the latest trends in interface layouts. The services of an experienced website designer is therefore necessary for any independent seller who wants a website that will stand out.

The Case Against Horizontal Scrolling Websites

With the constant need for reinvention of everything on the time, it is about time the horizontal website designs catch on. They are unique, bold and quite impressive. Currently, the internet is dominated by a majority of vertical-scrolling websites.

There is an obvious reason for this – they are simpler to implement and more common to use. They are also considered to be more efficient. Since this is the perception of the majority, it is only the most deviant and daring of the lot that implement horizontal scrolling in websites.

Those that do take up the mantle of the horizontal websites, speak out through their choice. A brand implementing this form of design for their website is declaring their website to be a work of art.

It is declaring itself to be unique and unwilling to fit into societal standards. As a result, a brand using such a website design is often marketing itself on its ‘quirky’ reputation.