Designing An Effective Homepage With Usability In Mind

Like the old saying goes, your first impression is your last impression. And that is certainly true for your website’s homepage.

A company’s homepage is like the entrance to a whole new world you want visitors to explore. If, however, they are not impressed by what they see they may decline your invitation in favor of websites that are more attractive and inviting.

This type of reaction is not unusual; the reason being that a lot of websites suffer from poor design. For example, some designers tend to pack too much content into a site, making the visitor feel overwhelmed.

Some sites even bypass the homepage altogether, zipping the visitor straight to the content pages without giving him any indication what lies ahead.

Depending on what they are looking for, users can wind up at your homepage for a variety for reasons. Therefore, your site should have an easy-to-find and user-friendly navigation bar so that the visitor will know where to go once he lands on your page.


Design Basics – Learn About Color Theory

Color is supremely important in any kind of design and this is no less true in web design. For many years, web sites either had white backgrounds or color backgrounds, however current web site design trends dictate that creating interesting, cohesive color palettes is becoming increasingly essential to producing successful website designs.

Visitors today expect to see the precise, calculated sophisticated color use so common in print design. This means that web designers must ensure that they understand how to create these sophisticated palettes.

How people appreciate and react to color is individual to each person. A color which evokes one reaction in a person can cause another very different reaction in a different person, this can be due to personal preferences as to color but it can also be due to cultural factors. The study of color theory is a science, these days, and people have built successful careers on studying how color affects individuals and groups.

Color theory

Color can help set the mood; it can draw viewers’ attention and make a personal statement as to what someone owns. Colors can induce strong feelings, such as excitement or anger, and color can also induce calm or happiness, for example, many people use cool pale green colors in bedrooms because it is believed that pale greens induce relaxation.

Tools And Apps For LESS CSS Preprocessor

If you have ever worked with CSS, then you understand more or less the process of pre-processors. If you don’t, then here’s a quick overview; pre-processors help convert the CSS code that we input to the all too familiar CSS syntax. If you’ve decided on a project that involves using CSS, then you should make use of the many options and helpful tools available to you.

One option you should look into is LESS, or Leaner CSS. This nifty CSS pre-processor allows you to add extra functionality on top of the CSS code. All the files that are used with this pre-processor will need to be compiled and translated into the CSS language in order for the browser to understand it, but the automatic compiler will help reduce any impact from the work flow.

When used properly, pre-processors are a useful tool for reducing mental effort by freeing your mind and preventing any tedious stress from switching between code. If you have a piece of code you commonly use, store it as a variable instead of hunting for it later.

Overall, the preprocessors help free up your memory while keeping your attention on the project at hand, instead of on tools and workflows.

In this article you will find tools and apps that will make it easy to work with LESS.



Creating Clean And Usable Design Should Be The Norm

Visual design entails taking several different aspects of design and combining them in order to create a site that it both easy to use and enjoyable for the visitor.

The World Wide Web is comprised of several million websites all competing for the attention of their viewers. Because of this, many website designers want their websites to be unique in order to stand apart from the rest.

The problem with this is that designers give in to their creative sides and often design sites that are too complex for visitors to navigate quickly and efficiently.

When designing for website usability it is important to stick to the fundamentals and create a website that is easy for anyone to use. In this article, we will talk about what clean website design is and how to achieve it.

What makes a design clean

Everyone wants a website that will attract lots of visitors. What makes a website attract a lot of traffic is how easy the site is to use. If you look at some of the more successful sites, they all seem to have certain elements in common.

What makes a design clean

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