Manage Your Relationship With Your Clients Is By Using An Online Help Desk

Every business owner worth his (or her) money knows that the customer is always right. And for those who work in supplying services for clients also know that the he is very aware that he’s never wrong.

Naturally, even with the best intentions from both sides, a business relationship can quickly go south if there are any communication problems between the supplier and the buyer. The best way to manage your relationship with your clients is by using an online help desk that will provide you both with a structured and easy to use medium where customers can post any issues they encounter and receive support straight from the provider.

By posting these tickets and receiving feedback on them as fast as possible, clients will be assured that their provider is doing his best to supply their every need.

Naturally, there’s a reason why there are businesses out there that already offer their clients an online help desk and that reason is the fact that for a long time, setting up a ticketing system was very expensive and took quite a bit of time.

Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. WPHelpDesk is a plug in for WordPress that will help you set up and launch your online help desk in no time. It will provide you with all the tools you need to organize and manage all customer tickets and respond to them efficiently.

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Tips For Designing A Portfolio That Gets You Clients

Every freelancer is a one-person business. If you design websites, create graphics, do programming or write copy, you need to be concerned with establishing your brand. This is what sets you apart and makes it easy for clients to remember you.

Your portfolio website is the place to show off your best work and establish your brand. It needs to be easy to get to, pleasing to the eye and professional looking. It is a combination of business card, elevator pitch and samples of your work.

The thought of putting together a website that is a true client-getter can be intimidating. But it is actually less complicated that you might realize. There are four main goals you need to keep in mind when you set up your portfolio site.

Make it:

  • easy to use and navigate
  • simple: let the work speak for itself
  • easy for clients to see your strengths
  • professional looking


For example, a web designer should put together a site that focuses on style and great design work. The page setting for your work should be easy to navigate, with easy-to-read fonts. Think what the client would want in his own site and emphasize those elements.

A Close Look At Typography In Minimalist Web Design

Minimalism, whether in web page design or in any other artistic sphere, is reducing a design to its essential elements. The concept of minimalism is part of many artistic disciplines, including music and literature. However, many web designers find the concept and its execution intimidating and difficult.

However, minimalism is not really difficult. Essentially, minimalism is simply removing anything that is not necessary for your design to function. You simply remove design elements until nothing further can be removed without compromising the design’s purpose.

The principle of minimalism in web site design is that you achieve the effect by using only those design elements necessary for the given design. In other words, using the least number of design elements to achieve a web design that in its effect is more than the sum of its parts.

Removing useless design elements

When thinking about a minimalist web design, think about what design elements are necessary to the web site’s content and its function. Then concentrate solely on those elements, omitting anything which makes no direct contribution to either content or function.

It is important to bear in mind that some design and graphic elements directly affect a web site’s eventual user experience in terms of its ease of use and how easily it reads.

Frameworks Based On Less CSS Preprocessor

Using CSS web development frameworks allows the consumer to have increased performance and efficiency by allowing to create web applications, web services and websites easily.

Many frameworks are equipped with useful features that allow you to use a template instead of beginning from scratch, as well as access tools for session management and database libraries. Web development frameworks give you access to the codes used to format the web application, web service, and website.

The production of web development frameworks has made building things online accessible to most computer users. Web developers and designers benefit from using their tools as well because of the many options and flexibility the platforms provide.

Their ease of use saves countless hours of searching the web for the correct HTML or CSS code.

These frameworks are designed to help users efficiently build web applications, web services, and websites easily without having to begin on a clean slate. They also ensure that your website will scale properly on all devices.

Overall, CSS web development frameworks help to create dynamic web structures without overextending your time.

In this article you will find a number of CSS frameworks powered by the Less preprocessor that will make building a website or web app easier.



Guidelines On Designing A SaaS Product Website

SaaS, or Software as a service, is a new way for businesses to supply their customers with software over the internet through a web browser.

This means that instead of having to install the software locally, the program is hosted in a central location where it is easily accessed by thousands of customers. The user simply pays for the privilege of using the software.

A lot of painstaking effort goes into the construction of a great website. It can also be very taxing and time-consuming. After all this, the website still may not appeal to some visitors so you must have a clear strategy from the beginning.

Consequently, I will resist the temptation to tell you how you should build your website; instead I’ll give you a general breakdown how some of the top SaaS companies enhance their websites. So keep these ideas in mind when you build your first website.