The Principles Of Information Architecture

At the heart of online design sits information architecture. In fact, a large proportion of our function as online designers is devoted to supporting users when it comes to locating the content that they need, and driving them towards the content that website owners would like them to interact with.

As such, we incorporate visual markers to make sure that content is distinct against the rest, or to produce layers which demonstrate the diverse content on a website.

If you do not have quality content, it is impossible to design a good website, because all of the key choices should be related to the nature of the content planned for it.

The industry may have failed to establish a rigid model at this point, but there are a few important concepts which designers always return to – concepts which support their design choices, but do not prescribe an inflexible technique. Plus, they also allow designers to focus on and streamline frameworks, by offering a steady and trustworthy perspective.

You may not know it, but you have likely already utilized some or all of these information architecture principles within your website designs, so do try to pay attention to them when you start a new project. If you can learn to master them, you will always create great designs. If you fail to grasp them, it could mean that your designs do not translate as well as you would like them to.

The Principles Of Information Architecture
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Free Stock Photos – Where To Get Them From

One thing that has always been a very integral part of web design is photography. One of the most unfortunate things about this, however, is that we’ve come across nothing but mediocre stock photos of men in suits shaking hands. In addition to not only being extremely tacky, these kinds of photos can also cost a lot of money to purchase and use.

The key thing to putting together an awesome website is the use of good images; however, finding just the right ones can actually be difficult. This ends up leaving you with the following options:

  • Take the photos yourself
  • Buy images from a photographer or a stock photo website
  • Find free images that are available for immediate use

If you have ever attempted to search across the internet for free stock photos, chances are you know just how much of a hassle that process can be.

As previously mentioned, finding free stock photos can be rather difficult. Large portions of stock photo markets are actually owned by different professional companies. These companies can charge up to $20 per photo, maybe even more. If you are lucky enough to find stock photos for free, most of them appear to be blurry, watermarked, and have low resolutions, as well as being non-inspiring in nature.

Thankfully, there is now a growing list of websites that contain wonderful and inspiring stock photography for absolutely free.

Check out the following list of free stock photography websites. In addition, be sure to make note of any and all details regarding licensing terms for any images you download.

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A Beautiful Collection Of Fan Made Movie Posters

Movie posters are great, and most people love them. Most of us have hung a movie poster on our wall at some point in our lives, right?

Movie posters were a lot more important to the marketing of a film many years ago. There are many posters that are synonymous with the movies they are advertising, but nowadays it’s not so much the case.

Printed in different sizes, shapes, designs, and released at different points of a movie’s timeline, a poster can capture the atmosphere and image of a film when done well. Sometimes they will be dark and insightful, trying to scare an audience. Others are bright and colorful, while some are informative. Sometimes they will only provide a few details to tease the reader into wondering more about the film. Others simply just have a release date, and you may not even know what the film is about.

There are busy, detailed designs, all the way down to minimalist and simplistic designs. The alternative movie poster industry has developed a lot over recent years to a more competitive level. There is almost of cult following from movie fans, with their attention turning to the custom alternative posters instead of the big budget official poster releases. With a preference to collecting the kind of movie posters you’re more likely to find in independent cinemas, and on the resume of graphic designers.

You’ll find some awesome examples throughout this article. From minimal designs, to revamped posters from classic films and some unique and surprising fan made movie posters.

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How To Design And Code An Admin Dashboard? Like These Examples

Designing a dashboard for a mobile app can challenge you a little bit due tot the fact that you have to put only the absolutely essential elements in there. Space isn’t unlimited on a mobile device screen and you must be aware of that.

On the web, however, things aren’t like that. There is a lot of space, but this doesn’t mean that you must put stats for absolutely everything. You still have to constrain yourself a little bit, but you get the big advantage of having a big wide screen where to put your dashboard elements.

What I like the most about designing dashboards for websites and web apps is that you can make responsive web design your advantage and can display multiple fields above the fold on big monitors.

Now check out the following dashboards and look at how they were designed and coded. This might give you an idea of how you should do the next dashboard task that is sent to you by your clients.



Every Designer Should Know The Importance Of Prototyping

The importance of prototyping should be obvious to anyone involved in designing website or mobile apps.

A prototype allows a designer or developer to create a form out of a concept, so that everyone who is involved in the process can give their feedback and make necessary adjustments before a final version is produced.

From the very beginning of a project it is important to test each element and to ensure that it all works as intended. Navigating around a working prototype and trying out different actions allows you to experience what it would be like to use the interface.

You can explore all the functions and solve any problems during the planning stage, rather than discovering them through testing at a later stage when it might not be so easy to get them fixed.

Another reason why a working prototype is so helpful is because it gives you a master plan in more than one dimension. Prototyping is the best way to determine the final specifications for a working website or a mobile app.

The biggest benefit of prototyping is that it prevents important factors from being overlooked and it stops you making any assumptions that could be revealed as inaccurate later on in the process.

Every Designer Should Know The Importance Of Prototyping
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You might think that you could just as easily work with static wireframes to explain how a function is supposed to work, but that is never going to be as effective as having a working prototype.