Drawing anime: big tutorial collection

Drawing anime: big tutorial collection I've tried to gather from DeviantArt the best and most useful anime tutorials about face, eyes, nose, mouth, colouring etc. There will probably be a sequel of this anime tutorial collection in the near future as it is not complete and it will never be. This collection offers the basics of anime drawing. At the end of the article you have a few anime brushes.

Drawing anime faces

Drawing Anime Faces Tutorial by crysa

Drawing Anime Faces Tutorial

Author’s comment: “This tutorial is a bit different from my other ones. I put a lot more thought and time into it. I’m sorry I talked a lot more in this one, but there was just no way around it. I hope you like it”

Anime Eyes: Tutorial by ramy

Anime Eyes: Tutorial

Author’s comment: “Finally, after countless requests, I made a full tutorial just on how I do eyes. It really is simple, after a few tries I think you should be able to do it (as long as you know how to insert layers, etc. in photoshop). If you have problems or questions with it, feel free to ask me”

Anime Eyes Tutorial by kamikaze777

Anime Eyes Tutorial

Author’s comment: “Here’s a tut I made today about drawing different anime eyes styles. The problem with most tuts I’ve seen is that they just show you the eyes but not how to draw them since the basic geometric shape. I chose eyes from different animes, new ones and old ones,

I hope you like it and helps anyone who wants to start practicing them”

An Anime Eyes Tutorial by joulee

An Anime Eyes Tutorial

Author’s comment: “By request… and because I had the images lying around from the last lightning bug girl tutorial.

As usual, feedback appreciated. I’d love to hear your own tips and tricks, as well as requests and suggestions for other tutorials. Enjoy!”

Anime Eye Tutorial V2.0 by GuardianYashu

Anime Eye Tutorial V2.0 by *GuardianYashu

Author’s comment: “A new eye tutorial cuz people keep faving my old crappy one…I figured it was time to upgrade. Now there’s a whole bunch of additional stuff along with more step-by-step eyes. Now it covers basic eye construction, eye placement, coloring, emotions and other stuffs.
This took forever XD and ten sheets of paper.”

Anime Eyes Male by Dredogol

Anime Eyes Male

The eyes are made originally by mayshing and he collected them in a single file.

Anime Eyes Female by Dredogol

Anime Eyes Female

idem male.

Anime Tutorial Eyes by Mystic-Crymson

Anime Tutorial Eyes by Mystic-Crymson

Author’s comment: “This is just something I put together while looking through devient art. I am trying to improve my drawing skills(which, as you can see from some of my other art, is not to good right now), and if you have any suggestions or tips, please let me know. It would really help me. I will try more challenging work when I improve.”

Drawing anime hair

Anime Hair Shading Tutorial by ramy

Anime Hair Shading Tutorial

Author’s comment: “Anyway, this one was requested a lot, so hope you like it/understand it. This one might be a bit more advanced than the last one, but just follow the directions closely and it’ll all make sense”

Drawing Anime Hair: Bangs by crysa

Drawing Anime Hair: Bangs

Author’s comment: “I also wanted to say I’m really sorry if I disappointed anyone with making a tutorial on just bangs. I had 150+ requests for a tutorial on hair and I originally planned on putting curly hair, spikes, buns, Braids (French braids), Bangs, Long hair, Short Hair, Pigtails, Ponytails, Ofuku (Geisha), and Odango in this tutorial. But as you can see I only got to bangs. XD So I must ask everyone, would you like me to continue making another hair tutorial or move on to something else?”

Anime art lesson Hair by mayshing

Anime art lesson Hair by mayshing

Author’s comment: “Hair is another big thing in anime…
no matter what… most of the time ppl go for looks of the anime character, usually look determines an anime characters’ popluarity… there is only a few exceptions…”

Heads, mouths, colouring

Tutorial: 3quarter view by xandria-tchebbi

Tutorial: 3quarter view

Author’s comment: “Hmmm… I’ve been asked by several if I would be willing to do a tutorial on how to draw my style.
I thought I’d start of with something simple… For me.. If this is too hard please let me know and I’ll start people off with the basics… Actually I think I will do a basic sheet as well as this one. more

Anime Skin Shading Tutorial by ramy

Anime Skin Shading Tutorial

Author’s comment: “Obviously there are many other techniques and styles of shading skin, but this is for the “cutesy” anime look.
(sorry that the file is sort of huge, but hopefully you will find it helpful!) This technique is fairly easy to do, and I tried my best to explain everything so even if you are a photoshop beginner you will be able to understand I think. If you know what you are doing in photoshop and you are looking for guidance from this tutorial, then you can probably just skim through, the picture demonstrations should be good enough for you to figure it out for the most part (hopefully”

Chibi Tutorial by kakashi107

Chibi Tutorial

Chibi Heads Tutorial by etsukoajibana

Chibi Heads Tutorial

Anime mouth tutorial by satoshihigurashi

Anime mouth tutorial

Author’s comment: “Anime mouth tutorials. Some of my own work. Use any one you like, I don’t mind at all! FOR ALL ANIME FANS AND SUCH!”

Anime Female Body Tutorial by Taylor-the-Weird

Anime Female Body Tutorial

Author’s comment: “tee hee… I did this very fast, while we were coming home after evacuating Hurricane Katrina
You can never have enough tutorials

Please ignore the sketchiness of it, I was sitting in the back of a van driving on the backroads of Arkansas (sp?)”

Colouring Tutorial by Risachantag

Colouring Tutorial by Risachantag

Author’s comment: “Click to download; sorry about the large file size.

I promised I’d do a tutorial or two a while back, but never got around to it. ^^ …so here’s a little colouring tutorial using step by step pictures from Penguin: Nathan

It’s recommended that you have a pressure sensitive tablet, and Photoshop 7 or higher to follow this tutorial.”

Anime Background Tutorial by Risachantag

Anime Background Tutorial by *Risachantag

Author’s comment: “To download, click the download to desktop button. Unzip the file and open the ‘index.html’ file to see the tutorial.

This is a tutorial for drawing and colouring anime/fantasy backgrounds on Photoshop; it would also apply to Painter and Paintshop Pro. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners, although I imagine anyone could learn something from it. Having a drawing tablet is recommended.

^_^ Hope you guys find it useful! I put a lot of time and work into it. Any comments/suggestions are very much appreciated.”

Anime skin colouring-tutorial by lilyorina

anime skin colouring-tutorial by ~lilyorina

Skin Coloring Tutorial by apchi

Skin Coloring Tutorial by apchi

A Digital Coloring Tutorial by joulee

A Digital Coloring Tutorial

Coloring Anime Tutorial by kokure

Coloring Anime Tutorial

Author’s comment: “this is my 1st tutorial in This Cyberworld…. this tutorial is make special to whom dont know how to use
adobe photoshop (any version) it`s a simple version ( coz its for begineer ) … you must use adobe acrobat reader to read these files. thanks to all who helped me in this tutorial… Please tell me if somethin goes wrong ( no matter you dont know or if i wrong )”

Digital Painting Tutorial by ramy

Digital Painting Tutorial by ramy

Author’s comment: “Basically I decided to make a tutorial which got me photoshop CS2! Thank you SO MUCH. But you don’t need that program to use this tutorial. Really, it can be used in any program from photoshop 5-CS2. You can easily adapt it to other programs too if you need it. Anyway, I hope you find this useful. I didn’t want to give away the final picture completely, which will be posted soon”

Background Lighting Effects by ramy

Background Lighting Effects by *ramy

Author’s comment: “wow HUGE HUGE HUGE tutorial, and I hope you find it useful. I included the tree tutorial that I promised in this one Basically the intention of this tutorial is to help you paint backgrounds quickly and painlessly. The techniques are fairly easy and give nice results I think, and I really hope you can put them to good use. I always tend to get lazy towards the end of the cging process and rarely have the energy to do a full background, so here are some of the ways that I still put together a background when I don’t feel like spending too much time”

Drawing Clothes And Folds by Crysa

Drawing Clothes And Folds by ~Crysa

Author’s comment: “Sorry for the big image and everything being so crowded together. This took a really long time, but I got practice coloring clothes from it…lol. So if you don’t learn anything from it at least I did XD A couple of people requested one so here it is I don’t know if I’ll ever make another tutorial I guess it depends. Hope you like it”

Drawing Clothes And Folds 2 by Crysa

Drawing Clothes And Folds 2 by ~Crysa

Anime Photoshop brushes

Anime eye Brush by Squex

Anime eye Photoshop brush

Anime eye Brush set 2 by Squex

Anime eye Photoshop brush

Female anime eyes updated by sakura13

Female anime eyes updated Photoshop brush

Anime and manga brush by yonoxs

Anime and manga photoshop brush by yonoxs

Anime angels brush by arxontisa

Anime angels photoshop brush by arxontisa

Anime hair brush by orexchan

Anime hair brush by orexchan

Anime hair brush 2 by orexchan

Anime hair photoshop brush by orexchan

Anime and manga brush 2 by yonoxs

Anime and manga photoshop brush 2 by yonoxs

Anime brushes by omfgman

Anime photoshop brushes by omfgman

Azumanga Daioh brush by chaos-kaizer

Azumanga Daioh photoshop brush by chaos-kaizer

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