A Tool For Finding Free Vectors, Stock Photos And PSD Files That You Need

Time is one of the most important elements of life that we have or, better said, don’t have enough of. That means that any tool that has the function of reducing your workload should be considered a blessing. However, most of the tools that you find online are not free and, moreover, they are so expensive that most people don’t even consider them as options.

If you think it’s not worth to pay for these resources or you only want them for practice there are tools online which can help you get the best of the resources that you need. One of these tools is Freepik. You can find with it vector files, PSD files and also stock photos. Whether you are a web designer or graphic designer you will surely need one of these resources on the project you are working on.


I know you might think that you can find these resources just by googling a bit, but if you’ll do it the hard way, you end up realizing that you’ve wasted a lot of time going through a lot of articles and websites which you will have to sort.

Also, if you are a web designer and you want to make things work easier with the new CSS3 properties, there’s a tool called CSS Matic that can generate a lot of cool CSS3 effects for you. You can use this tool as a gradient generator and you can create an insane amount of CSS gradients starting from a few standard ones which you can use on your websites in various buttons or sections.

CSS Matic

Besides the gradients, CSS Matic also offers a generator for border radius, an element that has made a good impression among designers who don’t have to create weird divs just to have round corners in their designs. Besides these two features of CSS Matic, there are also box shadow and noise textures which can be generated easily and you’ll have a visual representation of what you are creating.

Freepik and the CSS Matic tool offered by them are useful and I suggest you take a loot at them and use them when you want to work faster on your designs.

A lot of people are thinking that free means a lack of quality so I’ll leave below a few examples of resources that can be found through Freepik.

Freepik 1

Freepik 11

Freepik 111

Freepik 12

Freepik 114

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