Showcasing The Design Of Startup Websites

Whether you are new to website design or a professional that has been doing it for years, you had to start somewhere.

Perhaps you fiddled around with your computer at home and spent your time learning all the basics of HTML, C++ or JavaScript and then built upon what you have learned. As classes started opening you learned more and became more creative in your designs, developing skills along the way.

Website design can get complex depending on what the client wants. It can also be simple, and fun allowing the web designer to be an artist in their designs. Similar to snowflakes, websites are different for each one that you go to.

Sometimes the best way to learn website design is to view different examples of what already has been done. This can help build and create those ideas for you, so that you can then get your own ideas.

In this article you may find a website design that will inspire you to take it to the next level. These startup companies have all started with this website design and they will be used to improve and grow their business with them.

Looking at these sites you want to ask yourself, what you liked and don’t like about each one, keeping in mind what you would do differently. Each person, and especially a website designer will look at each website differently. How do you see it?

  • brutedawg