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Earlier this week I discovered a resource site made by the same people who created stock.xchng and stockexpert, people with over 15 years of experience in photography, design and online business. They are saying that their goal is to make Stockfresh the best place to buy images and also sell and I believe they are on the right track.



They have a modern approach on everything and they offer a great importance to simplicity, a thing that is concerning for web designers. Stockfresh is designed to be clean and easy to navigate and that is a relief for most of us who go on stock photo sites and get lost in the numerous menus and options to click on.


The people behind Stockfresh have an incredible experience in this domain and they understand that only a high quality product will get ahead of the competition and this is the reason why they have a rigorous selection to make sure that only the high quality photos or vectors get on their site. In this way you won’t waste time browsing through countless pages of results without actually finding the one that you were looking for.


Stockfresh has good services for anyone, small design firms or big publishers, offering great prices and flexible payment plans that will fit both your needs and your budget.

Commissions for content submitters

An interesting thing for the photographers and designers who want to submit content to this site is that their commissions are among the highest in the industry. This should be important for web or graphic designers who are looking for stock photos because can be sure once again that they will get the best resources from the best stock contributors.


If you are a constant reader of this site, I believe you figured out by now that I don’t like wasting time, especially when working on a project and this is why I appreciate Stockfresh: you don’t waste time searching for the resources that you want to work with on your projects.

Here are examples of resources that you can find on this site:

Vintage ornamental and page decoration calligraphic designs set

Vintage ornamental and page decoration calligraphic designs set

Business man showing his business card

Business man showing his business card

World map

world map

Magic book with pages transforming into birds

Magic book with pages transforming into birds

Abstract background

abstract background

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