Eerste – Flat User Interface Kit That Is Free To Download

Since the whole flat design trend started I began thinking of creating a flat UI kit just to see how easy/hard it can be to create flat design elements. The process has been an interesting one, it was a good experience, but Eerste is the first and the last flat free UI kit that I’ll be making and releasing.

I will, however, use this design trend on the websites that I’ll be working on, where applicable, of course. The first flat site that I’ve designed so far is Cool Design Jobs and I liked the simple outcome. This is probably the reason why I’m sticking with flat design, the end result is simple, efficient, and there are no elements that are too graphical and can distract the user’s attention.


Eerste - Flat User Interface Kit That Is Free To Download

The elements are organized in folders so you won’t have to search through a multitude of layers to get what you are looking for. The graphical elements of the UI kit are: vertical menu, sign in menu, social media profile, horizontal menu, comment form, pricing table, video player, calendar, newsletter subscribe, checkboxes, dropdown, scrollbar, pagination, search, share buttons and music player. There is even a color palette with various colors that can be used for flat designs.

Eerste elements

If you want to select a certain layer easier and save some time, check the auto select option.

Auto select

I have to give credit for the people behind the Entypo pictogram suite, because I used their icons for this UI kit. They have an awesome collection and I advise you to use it whenever you have the chance.

I have to mention that all the elements are vector shapes and can be resized as you wish.

As the name says, Eerste is the first UI kit that I’ll be launching on this site. This was initially a personal project which shouldn’t have reached the public, which I made just to test the flat design idea, but I thought that some people might like it and, why not, use it.

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Simply enter your email address and the download link will be sent right to your inbox or sometimes to your spam folder.

Eerste can be downloaded for free and used for personal or commercial projects. The only thing that I’m asking of you is not to redistribute it.

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  • Julie J. Rasmussen

    I can’t download the kit. After the Download button, there comes a page with a large picture of the kit, but no way to download it.

    How can I get this kit? Please.

  • Bogdan Sandu

    The download link is at the end of the article. It’s a green button with the “download” text on it.

  • MJ Liggan

    Thank you!

  • michaelclendening

    Hahaha! Julie makes a good point. Flat “ICONIC” isn’t always straight forward. The download button doesn’t look like the traditional download link.

  • Gaurav

    i entered my email id and it is showing that i’ll get a mail wit the download link. But now its been more than an hour and i haven’t yet received the download link. Can you please help?

  • Bogdan Sandu

    Check in the spam folder. Maybe it went there.

  • Guest

    Yeah it went to the spam folder. Sorry and thanks a lot.