Slidedeck jQuery Slider

Slidedeck jQuery Slider

SlideDeck is a powerful jQuery slider plugin made for web designers. With SlideDeck, you can organize any type of web content into a beautiful and user-friendly slider. SlideDeck rocks for sharing ideas, explaining how something works or helping a user through a decision tree.

You can use SlideDeck to explain how your web app works or let a user visually browse your blog posts. Check out the community examples to see how our friends have implemented SlideDeck

SlideDeck can actually boost your SEO rankings. The content from each slide is cleanly organized in your code and is automatically indexed by search engines.

Automatically animate through your SlideDeck when visitors arrive on your website. Great for header sliders when used in conjunction with the slider mode option. Currently does not autoplay though vertical slides.

Use SlideDeck as a traditional slider by turning off the slide title bars. Use the Slide Control API and interact with your own custom built navigation, or turn on Auto Play to automatically progress through your slides.

Fully customize your SlideDeck to match your website’s design. Customize your skins with CSS in the WordPress plugin.

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