Complementary Colour Swatches

Complementary Colour Swatches

License: Free for Personal Use
Author: DigitalPhenom

Download this file

.zip Includes a jpg Preview, the original psd file and all of the .ACO (photoshop colour swatch) files.

How the hell do I install a colour swatch in photoshop???

1. unzip the files.
2. Open C/program files/adobe/photoshop(your version)/presets/colorswatches.
or Mac users open Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe Photoshop (your version)/Presets/Color Swatches Thanks =edmunn
Drag and drop the .ACO files in this folder. Close the folder.
3. open photoshop
4. If you cant see your color swatch pallate on the right go to the top of photoshop and click Window then swatches. you should now see your swatches.
5. click on the little drop down arrow on the top right of your color swatch menu. then click on replace swatches.
6. choose one of the color swatches you just unziped and it will load.
7. you can use your eye drop tool to sample the colors.

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