A Collection Of Platforms And Tools To Build Websites In 2015

If you’re a practicing web designer, then you have a few favorite tools for website creation.

What are they, when and why do you use them, and do they stand the test of time? Have a look at what else is out there. Get inspired and potentially discover essential means to build websites for your clients this year.

Check the list below with 15 hand-picked platforms and tools for creatives in our profession. Most of them found their place here because they’re proven to be helpful, and easy to use. In 2015, we’re definitely looking at more streamlined ways to complete client projects.



It’s no longer necessary to resort to coding for every client project. You don’t need to fence yourself in with time-depleting tasks, even if you have technical skills and you’re not afraid to use them. This is where Webydo comes in.

These Are The WordPress Themes To Use In 2015

Many web designers work with WordPress themes to set up all kinds of websites for their clients. However, choosing can be a challenge. No less than 4000 themes are shelved on the marketplace ThemeForest, alone.

Let me make it easier for you. I compiled a set of premium themes to refresh your perspective and get you up-to-date. Some of them are multi-purpose, and some of them aren’t. Yet, they’re all responsive, and based on clean code.

Also, I’ve been very picky when it comes to design quality. You’ll notice that flat design governs most of my dreams, too. So go on, discover 15 useful themes in 2015.

X Theme

X Theme

The crowned leader has to be X Theme. Looking back, no other premium theme ever got so popular, so fast. In the time space of one year, X Theme has become the primary choice for almost 38K designers. Words of praise came pouring down, especially for the global customer service and exceptionally animated community forum.

But let’s get down to the facts. X Theme caused a lot of commotion with Stacks. Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos are integral designs that make entirely unique websites with a live preview customizer.

Even with the same Stack, there’s no way you’ll get two similar websites. And that’s plain enough to see in the 30+ demos. Themeco said they would update and multiply those demos really soon, and also replace the custom page builder with Visual Composer.

Visual Composer is one of the 15 Extensions that are optimized for high performance with X Theme. Some, like Smooth Scroll, White Label, Video Lock, and Content Dock are custom-made by Themeco.

CSS Demos, Experiments And Useful Snippets To Learn From

The code demos and experiments that you see now on Codepen and you say that are outrageous and nobody will use them are the ones that will be used in the near future in a lot of web projects.

These may be interesting showcases of the outer limits of what you can achieve with CSS and you may think that these can be made only by top web designers, but the truth is that they are all made of code, code that you can learn and that you can replicate, modify and create new things that can look even better.

In this article I featured some of these impressive CSS demos and experiments and the code snippets behind them so that other designers can learn and adopt them in their projects or prepare for what is modern right now and what will be common sense in the world of web design in a year or maybe two.

I’m saying in a year or two because the industry in which we operate moves at an accelerated pace and things that we didn’t think were possible two years ago are now being made even by newbie designers with the help of CSS, SVG and Javascript, individually or all combined.

Enjoy these beautiful and intriguing demos and experiments, and even if some of them work only in Chrome, take a look at them and remember the techniques used cause there won’t be much longer until the other browsers accept the technologies behind these code effects.

Responsive Mail UI

Responsive Mail UI

Learn Xcode And Swift To Develop iOS Apps

You might think that creating an app for use on an iPhone or iPad is too complicated and simply out of your reach. However, app design and creation has never been simpler than it is today. Using tools such as Sketch and Xcode simplify the process and make app creation simpler to both designers and developers.

Xcode, for example, provides you all the tools you need to create an amazing app and even includes many built-in templates and assets so you can quickly design interfaces quickly without having to code it manually.

Sketch also has great plugins allowing designers and developers alike to create an app in a matter of minutes. Combining these tools is a great way to greatly reduce the development time of your app so you can bring it to the market much faster.

However, before you release your latest app idea, there are several design concepts that must be considered that will help you organize your ideas so you can create an app that everyone will want to use.

Start with a concept

Start with a concept
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Concept comes first and all the great apps began with one simple concept. When forming the concept for your app, there are many questions you should ask that will help guide you through the app creation process and provide you with insights into how your app should function.

Top Notch jQuery Plugins To Use In 2015

jQuery is in almost every modern website and there’s a good reason for that. jQuery plugins are used by web designers to give a smoother experience to websites’ visitors.

Besides functions that will improve user experience, jQuery is also used for making a website look cooler. An easy way to do that is by using animation libraries.

Animation is just a small thing that jQuery can help you with when creating a website. Think of it this way: whenever you are designing a website, you can stop limiting yourself when it comes to creativity. If you are uncertain if a certain feature can be implemented, search for a jQuery plugin. There is surely one that can do what you desire.

In this article you will see useful jQuery plugins that will help you make your website look better and improve its user experience. Most of the plugins that you will see will refer to the latter. We’re focusing our attention on UX and you should too. A pretty site is useless if its visitors can’t use it with ease.

Midnight.js lets you switch fixed headers on the fly