Ever Thought Of Designing A Typeface? Here Are Some Tips And Tools

Fonts are a very important part of modern media and design in the modern world and can easily be designed in a traditional way by hand on paper. However, the font then needs to be turned into something that can be used in both digital and print.

The process of designing typefaces has developed over the years and now exists primarily in a digital format. However it is still an art form that is both complex and time consuming for the individual who is designing the letterforms.

This is because the font needs to work well on many different platforms, such as the computer screen in a digital format and on the printed surface in a physical format.

Designing A Typeface
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Font creation has become incredibly popular in recent times and has become more accessible to those who wish to get involved with the creation process. This is thanks to a number of font creation programs which are now available across many desktop computer systems.

Resources That Shouldn’t Be Missing From A Designer’s Toolbox

There are really no two websites that are quite alike – nor are there two designers so similar they would be looking for the exact same resources. That being said, all designers have similar needs when buildings websites, and all believe they know the best place to look for these tools.

If that were true, then there would be no need to go any further. But that’s not the case! As our research has turned up, there are a vast number of excellent web designer tools out there, most available for little or no cost.

Today we’ll search through these resources, from web builder sites, to hosting services, resources like fonts and vector images, in addition to stock photo’s and icons. Additionally we’ll look for tools like project management services, Photoshop to HTML conversion sites, even e-commerce solutions.

Website builders


The right website builder will allow you to create beautiful websites with the click of a button. Templates should be attractive, flexible, and easy to use, without having to deal with the headache of HTML coding. This is why ALLYOU.net is such a powerful solution – it provides you with exactly this, and then some. Their large selection of templates are stunning and well thought out, which makes them a treat to use.

You Should Follow At Least One Of These Design Podcasts

Design podcasts have become an increasingly popular way of conveying ideas from one individual or groups of individuals to others. Podcasts can be listened on the go by anybody who has a smartphone or a tablet.

So you do not have to be at home, or at work to listen to design podcasts for educational, entertainment, or indeed work purposes. Now podcasts can be assessed as either audio only, video only, or with full sound and vision formats.

Their popularity is easy to understand as they can be listened anywhere, as well as being simple to use for people that wish to use podcasts to educate, to train, or indeed as a marketing tool.

They are especially handy for the sharing of ideas and information via design podcasts, or web design podcasts. Sharing the information this way makes it easier to be understood. Let’s face it, being shown how to do something in a format that can be viewed as many times as required is better than reading an email, or even an instruction manual over and over again.

Audio podcasts are probably the best if you to find out the basics of any developments in design, or web design. Videocasts as they are called are usually better for learning about particular aspects of design that you have to understand completely in order to use them properly.

In this article you will find a lot of useful podcasts for designers.

On the Grid

On the Grid

This Summer’s Top Stock Photo Sources For Designers

Stock photos play an important part in a designer’s work, being the prime source of imagery for client projects.

They’ve been around for more than a decade, and this model continues to be very successful because stock photos are easy to get to, and also because they cost much less than the alternate route of hiring professional photographers.

You most likely know a few stock merchants that you go to whenever you need fresh images. Check out my own selection of favorite microstock agencies over the summer of 2014.



The most popular marketplace by far is iStock. In fact, this is the first one in recorded history. Presently, it doesn’t just offer royalty-free photos anymore, but also vectors, sound effects, videos, and music – and all files accompanied by a Legal Guarantee.

Searching For Free Icon Sets? Here Is A Great Collection

Icons, tiny graphics that are sometimes embedded with hot links to pages on your website, give a website a nice flow. With just a click, visitors to the site can navigate the site, visiting important pages like the store, blog or find technical support. Well-placed icons keep the flow of traffic moving from page to page, often making visitors stay longer on your site.

However, finding the appropriate icons takes some work. Typically, web designers have two choices; they can sift through massive collections of stock images choosing one of them as a graphic or design their own.

Creating an icon can take hours of work and if you need multiple icons, you could spend days on this project. If you opt for stock icons, you may not find the right image or could accidentally grab one that a competitor is using.

Don’t neglect this important feature of your website — the icons! We want to help! Here, you’ll find a collection of icon sets that will work for a variety of websites.

Themify Icons

Themify Icons