Fresh High Quality Drawing Illustrations For Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve made an article about drawing illustrations and in the meantime I’ve gathered a few interesting artworks from various artists. The article has 35 illustrations with characters and environments from games and comics, featuring monsters, robots and various heroes.

WoW Bookends

WoW Bookends Drawing Illustration

Polish Hussars

Polish Hussars Drawing Illustration

Amazing Digital Painting Landscapes – 50 Examples

I’m always amazed by digital painting landscapes because the artists manage to catch in their works images that photographers aren’t able to, images out of this world, driven from the imagination of their creators. As you probably figured out, I tend to like more the surreal and fantasy ones rather than the usual paintings which reflect usual images from real life. What’s cooler about some of these is that you can actually buy them as prints and put them in your room or office.

Cultures of Nerath

Cultures of Nerath Digital Painting Landscape

The land of dinosaurs

The land of dinosaurs Digital Painting Landscape

The Most Comprehensive Drawing Tutorials Collection

Learning how to draw is never easy. It takes a lot of time to practice and you need to have good guidelines and tutorials to follow. Finding them hasn’t been easy but I’ve managed to make a pretty good list of drawing tutorials that would help you in your quest to me a master of drawing.

I’ve sorted them in six categories: drawing faces, human body, hands, hair, animals and caricatures and also added at the end other resources were you can find lots and lots of drawing tutorials.

Drawing faces

Basic Anatomy for the Artist – Lesson 2

Basic Anatomy for the Artist - Lesson 2

Drawing Faces

Top Quality Drawing Illustrations For Inspiration

There are some designers in this world that simply make you say wow because of their wonderful creations. I’ve tried to gather here a few of the creations that caught my attention and show them to you to prove that you can do magic with a graphic tablet. Harry Potter, be scared!

Adonihs Girl and her Ship

Adonihs Girl and her Ship drawing illustration


Griffin drawing illustration

58 Divine angels drawings and illustrations

Divine as they may seem in your imagination, the angels’ image has been modified seriously by some artists as you will see in the next pictures. It is more likely to find a warrior angel, a dark one or even a devilish looking than the usual pure angelic figure. But have no worries, we still have the oldschool image, for example, of the archangels Michael or Gabriel as soldiers in the army of God or the blonde, pure of heart virgin. Enjoy you little angels you…

Archangel vs. Demon Lord

Archangel vs. Demon Lord drawing illustration


Archangel soldier drawing illustration