Icon Font Generators That A Modern Web Designer Should Consider Using

A website with superior graphics naturally draws more traffic than a website with poor quality ones or a site containing just text. Good-looking images don’t come without problems however. One of the biggest issues with them is the weight they add to files.

In addition, you may have difficulty with trying to refine and modify them to suit your individual needs. Also, high-quality graphics can significantly increase HTTP demand and take up way more time than you have available.

If the image you want to use requires significant alteration, it may make more sense to use icon fonts instead of traditional graphics. The beauty of icon fonts is the ease of personalizing them and how conveniently they are supported by most browsers.

Icon fonts offer transparency options and contain fewer characters which cut down on memory requirements. Designers are wild about icon fonts. Their versatility and ease in embedding vector graphics make them a go-to hot ticket item.

To ensure good coordination of icons from multiple sources, designers are turning more and more to icon font generators.

Why use them?

One of the best things about creating icon fonts is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Building your unique font, without the excess baggage of huge files, is easy when you use one of the many icon font generators out there.

@font-face can help you to create the necessary CSS rules associated with each icon. Basically the rules for using icon fonts are no different than those that guide the use of other fonts. Icon font generators can allow you to generate classifications of icons and to add uncomplicated HTML markup.

Using an icon font generator can at times be limiting. Because icons are typically grouped in discrete sets if you select icons that are not part of one specific set, you could be loading additional sets which may contain lots of unnecessary icons.

In order to streamline things, it makes sense to be able to create custom font icons. Rather than waste a lot of time with loading non-essential resources, put your desired fonts into one small font that’s unique to your needs and then embed the custom set into your site.

If you don’t have the time or skills to customize your own fonts, there are several icon font generators which can meet your unique personalization needs, either using your own icons or by utilizing an already assembled icon set. So, check out these icon generator options.

The options

For the best icon font generators to meet your scaling, size, and optimum resolution needs, here are a few great choices.


fontello icon font generator

Fontello is a sophisticated icon font generator that combines ease of use and includes eleven icon sets free of charge (i.e. Font Awesome and Iconic).

Fontello provides enough of a selection of icons for you to get your unique job done. Also, the search for your desired icons couldn’t be easier with a top-of-the-page search feature that instantly updates.

One of the best parts of Fontello is that it makes it super easy to customize your page. With the click of a button, your choice of font is selected. A second tab allows you to rename the icons you have chosen to reflect your own personalization.


fontastic icon font generator

If you’re just beginning to learn your way around customizing icon fonts, Fontastic is an excellent time-saving choice. It allows you to upload your own icons as an SVG file, converting them in seconds to a single font file.

Fontastic then allows you to give your icons a style makeover as you change their scale and color. Adding drop-shadows or animation is a breeze with this impressive product.


pictos icon font generator

Pictos helps you choose the best icon for your site from tons of free, scalable icons in the Pictos library. Once you’ve made your selection, you can set it up so one of your keyboard keys activates your chosen icon.

The Pictos Server will pop your uniquely fashioned font onto your page with a simple cut and paste into your HTML. You don’t have to rely on Javascript when you use their straightforward CSS “link” tag.


pictonic icon font generator

Pictonic requires you to do a little work in order to access available icons. You can sign up for either a free or premium version of this sophisticated icon font generator. Once your account is set up, choosing your font is as simple as browsing and clicking using their live search which has the capacity to help you choose fonts by category.

All of Pictonic’s icons are totally customizable as far as size, color and shadow go. All you do is pick your icons and hit the Continue button. Instantly your font file package, depending on how many choices you have made, will be converted to one or more of your very own files which download complete with CSS, SVGs, PNGs, etc.

Font Custom

fontcustom icon font generator

Running on Ruby, Font Custom creates truly unique font files along with corresponding CSS files. With no configuration necessary, Font Custom allows you to be as creative as you want.

Instead of choosing from everyone else’s common icon sets, your website can stand out from the pack with your own custom designed icon font and vectors. It’s as easy as creating an SVG file directory and running a command.


iconvault icon font generator

For a streamlined icon font generator, choose IconVault. With a standard drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly and easily upload your entire icon folder. Then you’re free to personalize your own special icon fonts with the use of color, shadows, alignment, animation and font size.


icomoon icon font generator

If you are truly creative and want to create your own icon font from start to finish, IcoMoon is a great option. Although it’s similar to Fontello in its sophisticated search abilities, IcoMoon also offers you the capacity to import many different elements into your font design.

Uploading your own SVG graphics design and fonts allow you the ultimate experience in total customization.

We Love Icon Fonts

weloveiconfonts icon font generator

Interested in building on your existing font library? Try We Love Icon Fonts’ open-source directory and easily create your own personal selection of top-notch icon fonts.

When you’ve made your choices and are ready to go, simply hit the “Add” button and you’re all set. You’ll be directed to use CSS which can help you make your new icon font even more specific to your needs.

Keep in mind that in order to use icons chosen from within a set, you will need to embed the entire font. With that being said, We Love Icon Fonts allows beginners to get a professional-looking job done without a lot of fuss.

Font Combiner

fontcombiner icon font generator

For optimizing the appearance of your fonts, Font Combiner is for the more advanced student. With end user tools like kerning, subsetting, hinting and glyphing, Font Combiner is both complex and comprehensive.

Designing your custom font in a flexible format that can easily be modified, simplifies your ability to put your font side-by-side with other media. Download your selections in crystal clear PNG or SVG from a huge variety of complimentary icons.


iconmelon icon font generator

A variety of talented designers contribute their SVG icons to iconmelon’s free assortment of sets. You can pick and choose or mix and match icons from different sets to make your own definitive, completely custom set. All that in a compact, quickly downloadable file.

Which to choose?

As you may be gathering, there are lots of icon font generator choices out there with fantastic features. Any of the options we’ve described can provide you with an excellent, user-friendly package at good value.

Each of these generators has its own set of benefits. Choosing the best product for your needs depends entirely on what features you’re looking for to personalize your website.

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