How To Design A Great Product Page For Your Online Shop

Running an e-commerce site is one great way of securing financial freedom, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of things that you have to take care of and there is much responsibility on your shoulders. For example, it is vital that you place emphasis on your product pages.

Your product pages will always play a great role in the success of your e-commerce site. Exceptional product pages are well-known for high conversions. This is the primary reason why many business experts encourage e-commerce entrepreneurs to use high quality product pages for their sites.

It is amazing to see that many entrepreneurs have poor product pages. Why are there so many bad product pages in existence? Why are some entrepreneurs ignoring the importance of designing a product page that will maximize conversions for their business?

Each site visitor represents the efforts that e-commerce site owners invest in getting traffic to their website. It is detrimental for anyone to put their time, money, and effort behind a bad product page. It is your responsibility to create a product page that will give your visitors an experience that will influence them to become customers.

How To Design A Great Product Page For Your Online Shop
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The Types Of Sites You Can Build With The Versatile X Theme

You must’ve heard of X Theme by now. The designer community has been swooning over this WordPress theme for months. launched it after drawing out essential secrets from world-class copywriters, SEO specialists, and experts in e-mail or video marketing. This gave shape to the most versatile website theme ever known to exist.

X is attractive, for various reasons. One of those reasons is that savvy new shortcodes, such as Table of Contents and Responsive Visibility, are included with one of the plugins. Even further, you can rest assured knowing that all updates are enacted freely, and the latest version has BuddyPress integration. Another crucial aspect about X Theme involves live previews of every modification in terms of site management and its appearance.

The developers behind X are working hard to deliver a series of Stacks, which are in fact complete designs. Currently, four Stacks are available: Integrity, Renew, Icon, Ethos. Scroll downwards to witness the beauty of websites made with X.


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Must Watch Videos And Presentations On CSS

It is truly a revolutionary time in web design. Developers throughout the industry are constantly striving to push the envelope and blaze new trails. There is nothing easy about great web design, but CSS has taken many of the headaches out of the creation of complex, flexible layouts.

HTML will only take a designer so far. Dynamic, attractive, reactive web design requires the understanding and implementation of CSS. Not only can you create improved design elements for your pages, but you can enjoy faster load times, easier maintenance, and a more efficient means of creating and updating pages.

CSS is the technology behind most of the eye-catching visuals you have grown accustom to on the web today, and while there are tutorials and discussions of its various aspects to be found online, it is rare to find video from web design conferences. In this article you will find fascinating presentations about CSS and some of the issues web designers face in using it.

These CSS videos and presentations will steer you towards the principles of good design and give you a better perspective on certain aspects of writing code, improve your CSS skills, and help you transform your ordinary markup into stunning, richly styled web pages.

Jonathan Snook – CSS is a Mess

Jonathan Snook – CSS is a Mess

How To Be A Resourceful Web Designer? By Using These Apps, Of Course

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and other professionals who have to juggle various projects at the same time often struggle to do so. Project management doesn’t have to be tedious and confusing though.

There are a number of different project management applications out there that can make your life a whole lot easier, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or a small-business owner.

Some of these project management tools are in this article along with other tools that a designer or developer need, like financial apps, prototyping tools, time management tools, form builders and email marketing apps.

Browse through our list of applications and find one that suits your needs, both in terms of price and features.

Invoicing and financial apps



Nutcache is a powerful free invoicing software that is ideally suited for designers and small business owners. You can add an unlimited number of users and clients to this application, which means that your business can continue to use it no matter how much it expands. Nutcache is great for not just creating and sending invoices, but also for both expense-tracking and time tracking.

Impressive WooCommerce Themes Ideal For An Online Store

When we made this list we had in mind web designers, not the average Joe.

Therefore, we first established a series of criteria such as: above the average customization, live previewer, full responsiveness and out of the box sliders and used them as a benchmark.

The initial feedback that we received from some of our web designer friends was extremely positive. They too felt that this is good list, a list that you, our readers, should bookmark.

Bi-Shop All In One: E-commerce & Corporate Theme


Bi-Shop has one of the h3est frameworks available these days. It boosts so many amazing features that it’s difficult to choose which ones to write about. From Infinite Parallax to Buddypress and BBpress support to Exclusive sliders, jQuery effects and Built-in Google fonts, this WooCommerce theme has it all.