The Flat Design Style That Became Status Quo

Web and user interface design is at the forefront or modern technology in terms of design and culture and one of the latest so called trends.

The term of flat design in the world of web and interface design means to remove the elements which may make a layout more complicated. This could be represented by elements such as the shadows that are found at the edges of boxes on the website, or maybe textures as well as gradients that are being used to give a certain style and look within the page.

Essentially the concept of flat design takes its inspiration from a minimalistic style. Flat design has been a popular style in recent times as it delivers a much easier user experience. Websites have now become a lot more cleaner and easier to navigate through and have an overall style which is more advanced than the previous one, call it skeumorphism if you want.

The Flat Design Style That Became Status Quo
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Improve The E-commerce Checkout Interface And Get Better Results

Many people are choosing to sell products online as it is now easier than ever. When designing and maintaining an online shop you should focus on the shopping cart as one of the main area of importance.

Having a checkout that runs smoothly and is easy to access is by far the most important element within a successful e-commerce site.

Having a well designed e-commerce website is all about getting trust from the customers and it is for this reason that the checkout area on the payment page needs to be very secure and well-designed.

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A well designed and simple layout will make the customer feel more at ease when they enter their payment information and their private details.

The problem with an e-commerce website is that if they are too vague and unwelcoming they can drive customers away. Owners of the shop then risk losing over half of all their customers. So how do you make sure that your shopping cart is well tweaked to all the potential customers? Here are a few guidelines on designing the checkout interface.

Ever Thought Of Designing A Typeface? Here Are Some Tips And Tools

Fonts are a very important part of modern media and design in the modern world and can easily be designed in a traditional way by hand on paper. However, the font then needs to be turned into something that can be used in both digital and print.

The process of designing typefaces has developed over the years and now exists primarily in a digital format. However it is still an art form that is both complex and time consuming for the individual who is designing the letterforms.

This is because the font needs to work well on many different platforms, such as the computer screen in a digital format and on the printed surface in a physical format.

Designing A Typeface
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Font creation has become incredibly popular in recent times and has become more accessible to those who wish to get involved with the creation process. This is thanks to a number of font creation programs which are now available across many desktop computer systems.

A Guide To Designing Usable Forms

Creating beautiful graphics on the web is fun, but designers need to do far more to make their websites functional and usable. After all, the most important person to please when designing a website is not the designer, nor the client, but the user.

The most important consideration when designing any website is how it will work in practice, so designers need to think about how they can add the necessary coding and user interaction features to make the page function properly. UX design is essential in this regard and this is particularly so when designers are designing forms for their clients’ sites.

Following a few simple guidelines, when designing forms for websites, will make them easier for page visitors to use and very easy to design.

Designers invest much energy and time in designing websites in such a way as to lead the user to the all important form, to the point when the page’s user must stop passively reading and actively respond to the page.

Login sign up form
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Whether the form is an enrollment form for a business news letter, a request for the business to contact the user or something else, the form is crucial to the page’s success and function. It is therefore important to spend time and thought in designing the form itself.

Resources That Shouldn’t Be Missing From A Designer’s Toolbox

There are really no two websites that are quite alike – nor are there two designers so similar they would be looking for the exact same resources. That being said, all designers have similar needs when buildings websites, and all believe they know the best place to look for these tools.

If that were true, then there would be no need to go any further. But that’s not the case! As our research has turned up, there are a vast number of excellent web designer tools out there, most available for little or no cost.

Today we’ll search through these resources, from web builder sites, to hosting services, resources like fonts and vector images, in addition to stock photo’s and icons. Additionally we’ll look for tools like project management services, Photoshop to HTML conversion sites, even e-commerce solutions.

Website builders


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