The 80/20 Rule That You Should Know As A Designer

In the world of business the Pareto principle is the rule that says 80% of profits come from 20% of customers or clients.

Using the Pareto principle in web design involves the same 80/20 breakdown. It means that your profits can be maximized simply by placing the focus on the 20% of processes, activities or products that are generating 80% of the results that you want from your website.

As a result of using the Pareto principle in web design, or for when you are designing an app, you will have a website with greatly enhanced functionality, better user experience and more powerful content. All this can be achieved with less effort than you might think.

The idea might seem too good to be true, but the reality is that if you want a better conversion rate, what your website needs is an 80/20 optimization plan. Whether your goal is to generate more sales, or if it is your intention to gain more registered members, subscribers or email opt-ins, you will get better results from your website.


Using the Pareto principle in web design means that you end up having a much leaner site. It will have been reduced down to feature the 20% that is most rewarding, and which produces 80% of whatever it is you want to achieve. With a less complex web design you will achieve a much better conversion rate.

Want To Learn Using Sketch App? Here Is A Collection Of Resources And Tutorials

Sketch App has really gained a lot of popularity since its first release and this is because the people at Bohemian Coding listened to their customers’ needs and improved the app significantly with each new version.

Even if the app is gaining a significant amount of popularity, there are still people who don’t know what it is or why it should be used, or for what, for that matter.

Sketch is an app that was created as an alternative to Photoshop and a good alternative, if I may say that. Unlike Photoshop, Sketch is being used primarily for designing apps and websites, but it also offers image editing options, although the image editing option is fairly limited.


The most important thing that this wonderful app does and does really well is that it creates everything in vector format and that’s a relief for a lot of designers. You can create icons, websites, interfaces or anything else you can think of and edit them in vector format.

Collaboration Tools That Will Help You Work Better With Your Fellow Designers And Clients

If you’re leading a relatively small web design or development team, then the most common ways to organize and share information are meetings, e-mails, and spreadsheets. These methods are faulty, for a number of reasons. For instance, e-mails don’t always manage to deliver the intended message on time, meetings are notoriously unpredictable and time-consuming, not to mention that spreadsheets tend to pile up as you take on more and more projects.

Web based solutions for project management upend this norm. Some of these give creative start-ups the perfect environment to control their projects. Check below for 15 suggestions of top-class collaboration apps.



Free Fonts For Designers – Only The Best Of The Last Few Months

If you are a DYW subscriber, you are probably used to articles like this one, posted once every three months and which showcase the best free fonts that have been launched in this time frame.

While this site has become lately one just for web or UI designers, these fonts don’t have to be used just by the two categories of designers that I just mentioned. These fonts can also be used by graphic designers who need new and interesting fonts for their print projects and not only.

We can all agree that using the same fonts over and over again is not a good idea and we recommend using a variation of them in your projects. There are two reasons why we are recommending this:

  • If you use the same fonts on multiple projects, you risk having your designs looking almost the same
  • The second reason why we recommend this is because you will most likely have different types of projects with different audiences and like there are colors or design elements that should be used for certain audiences, so are fonts

I invite you to check out this interesting collection of free fonts for designers that have been released or promote in the last three months. Check them out, read their licenses and use them appropriately.



Web Designers, Get These Great Products On Black Friday

Come one, come all, Black Friday is here and this time web developers and designers are getting their share of the fun.

Read on to see the eleven exclusive deals we’ve got for you this Black Friday and get these products while they are available. Hurry, cause Black Friday isn’t every week.

You’ll see here top products that will make deadlines seem like nothing. You’ll manage to finish the projects for your clients a lot faster.

X by Themeco

X by Themeco

After revolutionizing the theme market, Themeco’s new X 3.0 release brings forth over a dozen new exciting, elegant and functional plugins that are ready to take things to a new level. These new plugins combine functionality with exquisite designs and the result is simply stunning. Building sites with X is magical.