Black Visual Styles for Windows

It is very obvious that dark styled or black themes for Windows are very common these days and that happens with a reason: they look very good and they’re not as harmful for the eyes as the light ones are. I’ve put in this article 7 of the best dark visual styles.

To install a visual theme you have to patch your uxtheme.dll with different programs or you can easily overwrite it and then download StyleXP and load the theme with it.

To view screenshots and/or download the visual styles click on the title or on the preview images.

Luna Element v5.1 Black

Luna Element v5.1 Black Visual Style for Windows

Author: Gelosea
Views: 125,950
Downloads: 48,489

Author’s comment: “”Go to “C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes” and create a new folder called “LE Black”.
Put the *.msstyle into that folder.

To use this theme you need to patch the Windows system file uxtheme.dll. You can read about how to do that here

If you want to use the included Logon place ‘logonui_black.exe’ in C:\ and run the included logonui_install.reg.”


Atonement Visual Style for Windows

Author: intimatedrowning
Views: 28,549
Downloads: 16,558

Author’s comment: “A visual style/theme for Windows. Based off “Noir”, the windowsblind/litestep theme by Morph, which was then ported by Labtec/Ne0 as “Noir Port”. Credit goes where credit is due, thanks guys. Included original shellstyle.dll and two fonts which may help view the style better.”


TransblackV2 Visual Style for Windows

Author: invaderjohn
Fresh Release!

Author’s comment: “The system dll files wont work on x64 machines and i have sp1 on mine so i think maybe they doesnt work if u don’t have sp1″

Wii Black

Wii Black Visual Style for Windows

Author: tienano
Views: 126,301
Downloads: 40,422

Author’s comment: “Based upon the look and style of Nintendo’s next-generation games console, Wii™ — Being released this fall

I’ve tried to immitate the look of the Wii as much as I can. The Start Menu has the most obvious resemblance to the actual hardware of the Wii. Everything else sticks to the same style – in this case: black, sleek and clean. Which is broken up with the contrasting colour, cyan.”


Lakrits Visual Style for Windows

Author: lassekongo83
Views: 180,750
Downloads: 58,814

Author’s comment: “This may not be a very usable theme compared to my other ones. I would say that it’s more of an experimental theme from my side. It’s not a theme for those with darkened vision.
I’ve always wanted to create a dark theme like this, but many of my attempts so far have failed. I tried something different in this one.”


Concave Visual Style for Windows

Author: GeorgeHarrison
Views: 149,468
Downloads: 66,595

Author’s comment:
“- This visual style is only compatible with Windows XP (?)
(after reading info, please download the patch tool from here)
– It contains three substyles (Concave Dark , Concave Light and Concave Compound)
– It has compact and full start menus
– Top shellstyle
– Styler Toolbar skins included (you can also download them here)
– Wallpapers included”

Shiftie Black XP

Shiftie Black XP Visual Style for Windows

Author: lassekongo83
Views: 5,651
Downloads: 1,662

Author’s comment: “ebupof made a black version for GTK:
Decided to port it to XP too. This version has 2 colors, Blue and Orange.”

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