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Freelancing is interesting and if you’ve made a name for yourself it could be quite easy to do, but things aren’t always peachy when doing freelance work.

Most people do freelance work instead of working full time because in this way they will earn more money, or so they think. When you are working full time for a company, you have the guarantee that even if there aren’t that many contracts coming in the firm during a month, you will still get your paycheck.

As a freelancer, on the other hand, when you are not working, you’re not earning, so if you happen to go on a vacation or simply stay in front of your computer, but not having clients, then the situation is pretty bad.

Working full time for a company has a lot of advantages, among which a constant amount of money every month, stability, a bigger chance to develop connections with clients and at the same time a great chance to create a good portfolio for yourself.

Still, finding a good full time job requires a lot of time wasted on the web browsing for that right job for you. That shouldn’t be the case. Searching for a job should be easy and with the help of it is.

There are at least 20 new job openings posted per day which can be filtered easily by categories: design, development, mobile and misc. There are also pages made specifically for the most popular areas: London, New York and San Francisco. The best thing about this is that you can subscribe via RSS or Email to each of these categories or to the three hot locations and you will receive daily the new jobs posted.

I’ve given up on another site of mine especially to administrate this design & dev job board properly and to find the best job openings from top notch companies. For this article, I gathered jobs posted from companies like Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Nike etc.

Jobs from these companies

There are many other cool design jobs from various companies and locations and one might be just for you so don’t hesitate to check out the site and subscribe to be up to date with the latest job openings.

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