Motion Graphics Inspiration – 32 Exceptional Videos

I have gathered in this article 32 motion graphics videos, like in the previous article. It is not a number around which I focus, it is just a coincidence. You will see in this article motion reels, commercials, game trailers, opening credits and other motion graphics experiments. In a short sentence: inspiration that a motion graphics designer needs.


Eurosport 2011 Rebrand Montage

PostPanic – Showreel 2011

The Foundry Showreel 2011

Nando Costa Reel 2012

Royale Showreel Fall 2011

ED Logo Animation

Globosome FMX Trailer


“Game of Thrones” Main Titles

Inside the Nebulae

Philips “WOW” TVC & campaign visuals

Red Bull BC One 2011 – Director’s Cut

Eva / Film Main Titles

I Am Leviathan


J-Scott Reel 2011

Total War: SHOGUN 2- CG Trailer

Converse Aura

Motion Graphics Showreel


GS Montage

Tower – Experimental Short Film

FOX ‘Retro Classifica’

Woodkid – Iron

Spike Playbook Open

Do The World A Favour

DeepGreenSea – Showreel

Johannes Matsson Showreel 2010

Blur – Animation reel 2010

Xbox “Fable III”

“Motion Plus Design” Center: “What is Motion Design ?”