Motion Graphics In Advertisements – 30 Cool Examples

Lately more and more advertisements on TV have a more digital approach than usual, with the use of motion graphics to the maximum. Techniques vary from realistic CGI to vector graphics. In any case, their message is received very well due to the fact that we are intrigued by some of these wonderful advertisements and stay in front of the TV till the end to see the message that they are transmitting.

Sapporo – Legendary Biru

Skoda Fabia vRS “Mean Green”

EMA 2010 – Main Show Opener

MTV Rocks! – Ident Series 2

Adidas motion graphics ident

Imagevideo / Biomedical Analysis

Volkswagen Think Blue

G-OIL Anthem

Vodafone – Smart Business


The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

Verizon Droid X “Never Miss”

Mountain Dew “Green Label Art TV” :30

MvsM / Kanal 5


Verizon Broadband Music

Nike chase

Lamborghini Pacemaker

Discovery Networks – Workshop Idents

MvsM / Syfy

Canal Super 3 – Channel ID

MSN TALK ‘Butterflies’ Spot A


Census “Living Mural”

Guinness – Spoken Word

Miller – Break from the Crowd

Durex – “Get it on”

National Geographic / Think Again #2