The Best Logo Designs of 2011 and what makes them work

One of the great things about logo design is seeing the fresh new creations that stream their way in to the world of branding every year. While choosing just one is an impossibility, cherry-picking favorites is a delight. Read on to see who made the list and why:

Images correlation to text



We love this Injoy logo because of the image’s correlation to the text. In addition, the use of color boldly brings the eye front and center to the red bottle, surrounded by the two-tone damask-type heart. This logo is modern, with lots of visual interest and beautiful, artistic patterns.

Image as a story

Wine Searcher


The sheer genius in use of “image as a story” can’t be showcased better than with this logo. The subtle gradient use of color in the image and title, the double entendre of “guitar as rocket, rocket as guitar” and Japanese inspired sketch-work is pure eye candy.


Wine Kingdom


When they say, “less is more”, they’re right. The simple Zen beauty of this logo with its uncluttered font choice and gorgeous mulberry background leave busy logos in the dust. Using the “E” letter as the main focus of the logo puts the image in the text with astounding results, and a great use of minimalism.

Letter as a symbol



The clever use of a letter as a symbol, such as this expectant little penguin, gives the mind pause as the eye tries to discover what is really going on. Far from just another typographic logo, the simple font plays up the artful design of the “a” above it, replete with minimalist details and an interesting mix of broad and narrow brush strokes. The result is a clean, playful, Spartan logo that has more going on than at first glance.

Use of negative space

Happy Catfish

Paint the city

This fun and quirky logo is a visual treat because of the different ways to see it. You automatically do a double take to absorb all the design elements and the clever way it uses space. The funky font styles keep the design fresh, and the art within the text puts a smile on your face. The abstract, three-dimensional design has an interesting overlap in the city skyline/dripping paint effect.