Logo Design: What font styles suit which industries?

As a designer it can be tough sometimes to choose a font to suit the logo symbol you are creating for your new client. Some designers argue that it’s easier to pick the font style first and then design a symbol after.

Regardless of which way you do it choosing the right font for the industry you are designing for can make or break your logo design concept.

I have put together several logo designs I have created in the past to show you which fonts I have used in the design process based on Industry type.

Accounting Logos

Accounting Logos

Font: Optima – Regular

A very stylish font that can be used for accountants or financial institutions. This font looks great when kerned out at around 100-200%.

Photography Logos

Photography Logos

Font: Bauhaus – Medium

This particular font is quite versatile really. In this example I have reduced the default kerning between the letters.

In the second example below I explored the typography by splitting up the name. The word ‘Emily’ uses a font called “Satisfaction Pro”. I like the loose feel of the font and lends itself to the creative nature of the industry this client is in.

Photography 2 Logos

In the third example below I simply hand drew the name “Scott Leggo” and scanned it back into the computer. You don’t always have to use an actual font to create cool looking lettering.

Photography 2.1 Logos

Real Estate Logos

Real Estate Logos

Font: Bembo – Medium

Once again, this font works well with spaced out kerning.

Child Care – children related Logos

Child Care -  children related Logos

Font: Adlib

This is a fun and playful font style. For this project I converted the font to curves, broke it apart and individually resized and rotated each letter to create a unique look.

Kids Logos

Font: Beach Type – Medium

Once again this font was broken down and moved around to create a playful look and feel. This font has real character and goes well with the rustic feel of the Tree. You could also use this font in a halloween design layout.

Air conditioning – Refrigeration logos

Air conditioning - Refrigeration logos

Font: Belgium – Regular

This font is actually very similar to Bauhaus as mentioned above in the photography logo samples. The rounded overall shape of the lettering lends itself well to this type of industry and could also suit an elegant based product range such as a high end perfume market. Just imagine the font in silver and placed onto a black background.

Engineering Logos

Engineering logos

Font: ITC Avant Garde Gothic – Demi

Generally the nature of engineering companies involves rigid structures and building of some type. Therefore it is good to utilize a strong, bold font. In rare cases an elegant font may suffice depending on the name of the company.

Electrical company logos

Electrical logos

Font: Myriad Pro – Semi Pro

I find it’s often best to use strong, sans serif based fonts for electrical company logos. This is due to the fact that many electricians want signage on their vehicles and strong, bold fonts work best in this situation. It’s much easier to read a strong font on the side of a vehicle that’s traveling.

Recruitment Logos

Recruitment logos

Font: Amerika Sans

In this particular logo the default version of the font ‘Amerika Sans’ looked terrible. However, a few adjustments including the reduction in the thickness of the lettering and bam!, looks awesome. This is how the default font looks like with no alterations…

marble logos

Incidentally the font worked equally well for another recruitment company I designed for here…

persona logos

There are heaps more examples I could show you but the above industries are quite common and do show a good range of fonts. Hope this inspires you for your next logo design project!


Jamie Russ has been devoted to corporate identity design since 1993. This has allowed Jamie to run his own successful logo design studio since 2002.