How To Make A Great Portfolio That Stands Out

A great portfolio will showcase your work, skills, and potential. Future employers can weigh a portfolio more than your resume. You need to put time and effort into creating a doable and chic designed portfolio.

The more effort you put in equals a better account balance in the future. Do you have the time, but do not know where you should put the effort to make your portfolio better than your competition? How do you floor future employers with your brilliant work?

Do not panic over making the perfect portfolio. Creating a successful portfolio is not that difficult. There is no need for complexity. Your portfolio’s main job is to hit your objectives so make sure your portfolio is simple and easy to use. Portfolio Design

Many people are turning to personal portfolio websites. Whether you are a freelancer, student or part of a studio, you need a design that will showcase your portfolio in the best light. A personal portfolio website’s job is to promote you and your masterpieces. Treat yourself as a brand, because you are on. Your portfolio should reflect that.

If you want to avoid or minimize the trial and error phase of conduction a portfolio. Here are some useful hints to avoid the five pitfalls that can tarnish a portfolio design.

What you need to do

Make a good logo and a nice tagline along it

Creating a brand starts with the logo. It is the first thing users see, and it will be the image associated with you and your work. Logos should be placed in the top left corner of your portfolio, because in the Western world, people’s eyes are trained to read that area first. Portfolio Design

Your logo will immediately let users identify who owns the website, and it will engage their interest. They’ll want to know what it is you have to offer. This is why you need a tagline to explain your purpose. Taglines are short and snappy summaries of what you do.

Show only the best of your work and make sure it’s the type of work you want to be doing in the future.

Hide all the second fiddle work. Only your best work will do. It has to be the most impressive and representative work you have to offer. Your portfolio has to instantly impress and draw in the interest of potential clients.

Make sure you have a clear statement about what type of work you do. Your goal with your portfolio is to entice prospective clients with what they see and get them to ask you what you can do for them.

Therefore, portfolios should contain high quality images that are clearly accessible to the user. Always include a link to the live version of the website you have worked on and link your screenshot to the live version. Always include a short description of each projects and the skills you had to use to do them.

Add info about the showcased work

Your portfolio needs to answer these questions. Who was the client? What was the design? What was the purpose of the website? Did the design compliment the purpose?

You need to give information about a portfolio piece to fill prospective clients in on the details. These details is your chance to shine. Some details will allow the employer to appreciate it on an aesthetic level and on a practical client project level.

Also, you should answer what part you played in the project. Did you handle it all or just a portion? Did you build the website as well as design it?

Humanize your website

Everything is virtual in your business. Make a prospective client at ease by adding some info about yourself. Business is personal. Just because it is online does not mean you do not have to be personable. Portfolio Design

An About page is a great solution to tell people about yourself. The page should have a description of you as a person. Include your likes and dislikes. You can add your social network links if they are a great representation of you as a person and will not compromise getting clients.

Your About page should unveil you to the public. Share your background. Tell where you are from, your years of experiences, etc. The more details you give the more prospective clients will form a bond and build trust with you.

Do not be camera shy. Provide a picture. A good picture will give clients piece of mind by allowing them to see who they’re dealing with, and it adds trust.

Make everything as easy as possible for the visitors

Do not make your website hard to navigate. It will frustrate clients. Keep it simple. If you do not have your work samples in an easy to access format, you will lose potential clients. Portfolio Design

Your portfolio should be simplified, have streamline menu items, have reduced and consolidated pages with a simple navigation style.

Make sure your contact info is visible. The main point of your portfolio is to gain access to potential clients. You should not make it hard for a prospective client to find your contact information. You can use a form to make it easier for visitors to contact you.


There are literally thousands of awe-inspiring design portfolios on the internet. You have to make your online portfolio as impressive as you possibly can.

Presentation of your work is the key to standing out in the crowded internet. A touch of creativity and innovation can take you a long way. Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Design


You are the best person to showcase your work as a web designer. No one will nurture your portfolio like you will. You are a website designer. It is a must that you have the best looking, easy to use, supernaturally coded, one of a kind website available.

As a website designer, your best friend is your portfolio, and it is crucial you maintain an up to date relationship. In your portfolio, content should be the show piece, but do not forget how important the wrapping is. The wrapping provides the first impression, and you only get one time to make one.

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