How App Icons Have Changed From iOS 6 To iOS 7

iOS 7 is a big design change for Apple, an expected one, which in many ways satisfies the customers, but in some it hasn’t, particularly when we’re talking about icons.

The overall design of the new iOS has grown up and it looks now like an interface for an audience that is technologically mature.

However, the icons problem is one that most designers can’t forgive. As Ian Storm Taylor puts it, the icons feel rushed, like the first sketch was thrown right into the keynote. They all look childish and primitive, like a newbie designer would have made them on his lunch break. They have colors that don’t even have to be there and the icon execution is miserable.

The thing that annoys most designers is that Apple tried to make iOS7 flat, but not quite flat, flat… ish. You can see that their version of flat has subtle shadows, various lighting effects and gradients. Yes, gradients and flat in the same sentence.

The same style that is specific for iOS native app icons has been picked up by UI designers who are working on adapting apps for iOS7 and the transformation from iOS6 to iOS7 is what you will see in this article with image comparisons created by Kee Yen Yeo on a tumblr site called After iOS7 icons.


Twitter icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Evernote icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Sunrise icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Skitch icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Instapaper icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Alien Blue

Alien Blue icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Vine icon iOS6 vs iOS7

TiltShift Video

TiltShift Video icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Mailbox icon iOS6 vs iOS7


phonetrait icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Reeder 2

Reeder 2 icon iOS6 vs iOS7

TaskAgent 3 for Dropbox

TaskAgent 3 for Dropbox icon iOS6 vs iOS7


PCalc icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Instacast 4

Instacast 4 icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Pack The Bag

Pack The Bag icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Write for iPhone

Write for iPhone icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Foursquare icon iOS6 vs iOS7


WishOnList icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Runkeeper icon iOS6 vs iOS7


CARROT To - Do icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Tappd That

Tappd That icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Pocket icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Geohopper iOS icon

Geohopper iOS icon icon iOS6 vs iOS7

Momento (Diary/Journal)

Momento (Diary/Journal) icon iOS6 vs iOS7


Lift icon iOS6 vs iOS7

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  • Bianca Board

    It’s amazing how one “simple” change can have such a massive shift in design attitudes. Many of these rebrands have been great, but some of them (I’m looking at you Tappd That) arn’t for the best.

  • DevManOne

    I think all of the new icons are a stepped down. Jobs is turning in his grave right now.

  • Hadi

    “They all look childish and primitive, like a newbie designer would have made them on his lunch break”
    That is exactly what Apple did to iOS stock apps icons.
    Did you compare camera app icon? Can you believe what happened to that detailed design?!??