Great Examples Of Modern Furniture Design

You must have gotten tired of that old furniture you’re having or you have something new and exquisite and you’d like to see what else is on the market, one of these is the answer to the question ‘Why are you here?’. This is the first of many articles of its kind on the site, as we all try to improve our working space or home and some information about interior design ideas is always welcome. You must admit that the people who designed these interesting things are quite talented. For now, I’m delivering you solutions for tables, chairs and beds/sofas.


FIRE coffee table

Human Furniture Collection

Escher Coffee Table by Toby Howes

Illusion table by John Brauer

Concept de table basse design Studio

Ripple Interactive LED coffee table

low res table

PowerPOST lets me plugin the electricals on my desk

Smock Chair

Stylish Space Saving Furniture

Siren Coffee Table

Desert coffee table speaks out for its inimitabilty

Foosball Coffee Table

Infinity Tables by Stefano Bigi

Snow Table Nendo

Fitzpatrick’s Four-to-One Table

The Geo Cocktail Table by Vito Selma

Swiss Cheese Inspired Table By Paulodesign


La Roche Chair, A Creative and Unusual Design

Studio Dror Pick Chair

Waltz Lounge

Noir Chair by Farrah Sit

Bansko Boo by Design Apparat

Mold Chairs by Anders Johnsson and Petter Thörne

Sustainably chic Double Armchair

Corset chair

Seating Designs by Philippe Krzyzek

2.4 Chair

The Weinerchaise by Andy Martin Associates

Lucite and Lace Chair by Floral Art

Dror for Cappellini: The Peacock Chair


The Chrysalis Chair by Timothy Luscher

Metamorphosis: Exceptionally cool volcanic rock chair

Afro Chair By Yangsoo Pyo

Shell-shaped P38 Chair from Owen Edwards

Bloom (ing) Lounge Chair

Bold Chair by Sanserif Creatius

The Urban Lounge – An ergonomically pleasing seat

Netbook-lounge Armchair

eerang park: bloom chair

Beds and sofas

 Modern Leather Round Beds by Prealpi

Round Floating Bed

Wall Mounted Pet Bed

The Safo Sofa by Baita Design

Modi Sofa is Infinitely Configurable

Max, A Black&White Stylish Sofa

Outdoor Seating Furniture and Seating Ideas by Kenneth Cobonpue

Belly Love: Comfy glowing snug

Stylish Patio Furniture

BAIA Island Sofa by BRF

FreeFlow Seating System

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    All are good piece of work. Some are good, some are awesome, and some are decent. Thanks for sharing. Nice work.