The beauty of funny caricature drawing

Surprisingly or not there are very talented artists online who draw caricatures. You can surely make a caricature for/of yourself with a caricature maker and put it on facebook or whatever but you will surely not make it as good as these. I’ve seen a few tutorials online of how to make a caricature from a photo with the liquify tool in Photoshop but I’m assuring you that it’s not the case here. In this article you’ll find just pure art, just very good caricature drawings. At the bottom of the post you have two tutorials for caricature making.

An interesting thing is that the most used people are Hugh Laurie (Dr House) and Bruce Willis. Probably because they have that grim face and sometimes they tend to have curious looks. The guys or gals who have drawn them managed to add them that cartoon look and make them pretty funny. Enjoy the caricatures.

Dexter caricature

Quentin Tarantino caricature

Johnny Depp caricature

Dr House 2 caricature

Dr. Jones Caricature

House MD Caricature

denis Caricature

CSI Miami cast Caricature

Luis Guzman Caricature

Adam Sandler Caricature

Caricature of Michael Jackson

Dr HOUSE 3 caricature

Ion Luca Caragiale caricatura

Jack Nicholson caricature

Will Smith Caricature

Borat Caricature


Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester Caricature

Barack Obama Caricature

Marilyn Monroe Caricature

House M.D. Caricature

Caricature of Will Smith

Brad Pitt Caricature

Sopranos Caricature

Bruce Willis caricature

Clint Eastwood Caricature

Caricature: Mr T

Bruce Willis Caricature

Dr. House Caricature

Bruce willis caricature

Bruce Lee caricature

Jeff Goldblum Caricature

hugh Laurie caricature

Caricature training

Prince caricature

Obama Caricature

Christopher Walken caricature

Rooney Caricature

Ice Cube Caricature

Amy Winehouse - Caricature

Meryl Streep Caricature

Bonus: Caricature tutorials

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