20 Fantastic Examples of Photos with Reflections

When done well, photos involving reflections have the advantage of capturing and holding viewers’ attentions as they try to figure out the reflection versus the original image. Often, reflective photographs blend the reflection and the actual image seamlessly, and make it difficult to discern where exactly the two meet. Some photos simply capture an interesting abstract reflection of the image or capture a reflection in an unusual spot in the photo. Other photographs are manipulated digitally to create a reflection for an interesting concept.

Some great ideas can be had by viewing other people’s inspiring work with reflective photography. Take a look at the collection of 20 amazing photographs with reflections to help inspire you in your next photographic adventure. Who knows? Maybe the following will lead you to your best work and you will win that next award or get your photo purchased for use in a design for brochure printing or a website.

Whatever your intention for viewing the following collection, notice the details captured (or not captured) in each photograph. Then let us know what you like best about your favorites or maybe even which ones you think were not worthy of inclusion.

Beyond the Dusk

Blue Season

The Same Other World

Star-Burst Reflection

Raining Ghost

The Blue Awakening

A Moment of Calm


Heavenly Reflection

Homage to Escher


Autumn at Maroon Bells

Morning light reflected in a soap bubble over the fjord

El Capitan

Upside down

Intimate reflection

Lotus Temple

Reflections in Metal

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