10 Creative Typographic Commercials

Typography offers us a creative outlet unlike any other. Using a strict set of guidelines for basic form, you have to go that extra mile to make a really fantastic typographic piece. Whether it is a poster or a video, it takes time and effort to generate a result worth showing the world.

Marketing campaigns have been turning to this art form a lot, lately. It all follows an Internet trend that had has once again put typography back on the map, following a brief break in popularity after the retro styles of the 1970s and ’80s. What a happy resurgence it is, as well.

Check out these 10 excellent examples of using typeface for commercials:

1. Instant Auto Finance

This commercial shows how rapid-fire typography can be used to accentuate the topic of the ad itself. Rather than focus too much energy on effects, it has instead used a punchy, eye-catching approach that makes you pay closer attention to the points it wants you to know.

For example, having watched it once I know it is offering $0 down and a 30-day return policy and all of that without any actual interest in the product. It is effective.

2. Old Spice Kinetic

The Old Spice “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was a huge campaign that generated an astonishing 200 percent increase in profit in just the first six months. It also became a pop culture reference that we all recognize.

This kinetic version of the first commercial featuring the new mascot uses some cool shifts in font to express certain elements to the original ad. For example, when speaking of the person watching’s “man,” it uses a sloppy-looking comic font. When speaking of the Old Spice guy, it uses a more elegant, hooked font and simple, but clever.

3. Screwdriver

Another motion typography piece, this commercial was made for the Retool Your Reality campaign. This one is a little cluttered and bright, but there is a touch of glamour and humor to it that keeps you interested. The concept is definitely amusing.

4. Schneider Digital

Slick and professional, this was a television commercial made for Schneider Digital. The effects are cute and well done, and there aren’t too many.

It also got the spacing spot on, so you have time to read while it still moves on through the rest of the ad. The music is great for the task, as well.

5. Lollipop Tree Kinetic

Another typography reboot, this is a fun and bouncy interpretation of another TV commercial for a boutique in the maker’s city. While the shattering glass sound is a little odd for the theme, the rest is well matched to the voice-over and the topic.

There is a classic look to the typeface, and it reminds me a bit of old, French high-end shops you would have seen in Paris.

6. F-150

With Dennis Leary doing the voice-over, you expect some humor in this commercial, and you get it. It describes the truck by also discussing who must have made it and as in, the engineers who are the same guys “you” copied off of in science class.

But it also brings up several points about the vehicle, using it to better sell it to you and calling the whole thing “crazy smart.”

7. World Rugby Shop

This commercial is s little bit sloppy, but not bad, all in all. It has plenty of graphics that go along with the text, which makes a nice break, especially when talking about something as tangible and easy to show as rugby gear.

It also has a nice part where it shows an outline of the United States, with an arrow turning into it to show that the headquarters is based in the States. It is a nice touch.

8. World Soccer Shop

Made by the same guy as the one above, this commercial I liked a little better. The part about soccer players and fans, and then showing the oscillating fan to represent, is a cute little touch. It is also a little bit less random in text placement than its rugby counterpart.

9. We Are Designers

This is a cool, slick little spot made by someone for their design studio. It is a lot like the current typography ads you see on television, with the same trendy air and current music. It is well made, and most wouldn’t suspect it being an amateur commercial.

10. iPhone 3G

This iPhone 3G parody commercial is actually pretty close to the ones that are really on television. The use of text is good, and the whole thing has a clean look that many amateur typography commercials lack.

Do you have any typographic commercials you really like? Share them in the comments.

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