Freebies For Designers – Icons, Fonts, PSD Files And Mockups

There are four basic types of freebies that designers want more than other and these are icons, fonts, PSD files & Sketch files and mockups.

Each of these freebies helps a designer in different ways. For example, the icons can be used in a website or in an app design; fonts can be used as well in a website design, but also in a graphic design project like a business card or poster, and mockups can be used to present your work to your client.

I left the PSD files last because these are mostly used for educational purposes, to learn how other designers have made certain design elements and how you can replicate that technique to do the same thing in your future designs. I know I learned a lot over the years from free PSD files that other designers have made.

By checking out how PSD files are made along with following tutorials you can learn a lot of design techniques and improve yourself as a designer.

This article contains a collection of freebies for almost every designer having free high quality resources that could help a lot.


Helium: Free Icon Set
Helium: Free Icon Set

20 Great Web Development Resources And Tools That You Should Use

Web design and development is a field of employment and research that has been getting a lot of attention recently. A lot of integral parts of our everyday lives have become tied in with the Internet and/or the information that we gather from there.

Naturally, the Internet hasn’t grown so much and so fast without the help of millions of developers and designers across the globe who contribute their work to the ever growing repository of websites and web oriented tools.

Speaking of said tools, their number and diversity has grown tremendously in the past few years, there are now tools or services developed to help you do anything from building your very own website to customizing the way the icons on your page are displayed.

Take a look at our selection of the top 20 web development resources and tools and see how they can make your job easier.

1. Gridgum


Gridgum is the ideal marketplace for sellers who want to offer their own responsive themes and templates and buyers who are looking for premium quality products.

Among the templates and themes sold by Gridgum you can find a wide range of frameworks used, from Bootstrap, Foundation or Skeleton, or you can choose to use your own responsive framework.

Responsive Web Design Tools And Resources That Will Help You

It used to be that people could only use a desktop computer to access the internet. Times have changed. Technology has advanced.

Nowadays people are able to access the internet and surf the web from their mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and even through their game systems. In a few years there will probably be more devices available that will allow internet access and web surfing.

Every different type of device has a different sized screen. They have varying resolutions and capabilities. Your website’s design has to be able to meet the needs of all of these different types of devices.

It must be responsive. Web designers need to make sure that they create a site that will give all of their visitors a fast, satisfying experience.

Web design is by no means easy, especially when you’re designing a site that has to accommodate different types of devices. Your site has to work as well for the desktop user as it does for the person who is browsing from their mobile phone. Your site’s design has to display clearly no matter what the size of the screen is on the device your visitor is surfing from.

Fortunately there are many different tools available to help web designers with designing sites that are responsive to several types of devices. There are also many resources where designers can go for help and knowledge. Here I will give you some of the best responsive web resources and responsive web tools that I have found.

Resources and tutorials

Mega-Site Navigation
Mega-Site Navigation

Premium Plugins That You Need To Create Great Sites For Your Clients

The great majority of web designers and web developers have a few choice creative assets that they turn to, again and again. Each and every one of us is trying to find the best products and services that are available on the market, and use them to our professional advantage.

What are the plugins that you find most useful when you’re building your websites on some CMS or another? This autumn, I’m settling for nothing but the best. So, I took the liberty to research my options, and made a compilation with the most notable premium plugins.

LayerSlider Premium Multi-Purpose Slider Plugin


Content sliders, image galleries, and slideshows are must-have for most websites. What you need is the right plugin to get them by. You are most likely acquainted with the solution that I’m about to recommend.

Yet, just in case you aren’t, allow me to introduce you to LayerSlider, which would be my prime choice in this situation. It’s multi-platform, SEO-calibrated and responsive to all types of modern devices.

Guide To Having A Better & Faster WordPress Site

Everyone hates a slow website and most internet users will head somewhere else if they encounter a site that loads slowly. If your site is painfully slow, then you will lose visitors to another site. Many internet users detest slow websites.

Is your WordPress site slow? Are you wondering how to solve this problem? This article will give you some advice on making your site load faster.

WordPress sites are having one of the best content management systems out there today. It is possible to make mistakes in the setting up process, which could cause problems with the speed of your site. Your site needs to be fast for ranking well in search engines and so that your subscribers, customers or readers can access your site in a quick way.

So now you are going to learn a few tasks that you can perform on your site to get it to work faster. Perhaps you are not confident with the technical side website maintenance. It really is very straightforward and you will be happy that you followed this advice because you will learn some great stuff. So, it’s time to get started.

Speed is important

Speed is important

If you have been managing a website for some time now, you will have realized that having an eye-catching format and thinking about where you will put certain things is essential to attracting new visitors. You want to put your most attractive attributes where the visitor will see them when he or she clicks onto your site. You would also be aware that if a page takes forever to load, most people will leave.