Recently Launched Free WordPress Plugins That You Should Check Out

WordPress is an excellent option to utilize when building your business website, primarily, because of the massive collection of themes and plugins that it provides to users.

All of these amazing features make it easier than ever for the smallest businesses to have a professional looking website that is comparable to larger companies that have utilized expensive web development companies. The process is as simple as choosing your theme, customizing it to your brand, and adding extra functionality with the help of various plugins.

If you run a WordPress powered blog or website, it is quite simple to be innovative and make your site easy to use; both for you and your visitors. This is done by simply utilizing the amazing plugins that WordPress has to offer; they are like website hacks that are easy to install and use.

The only problem is that with all the free and premium plugins available, how do you pick the ones that are right for your specific needs? With all of the options available, you can easily create your own toolkit complete with security, caching, and other types of plugins. Check out below the collection of some of the best plugins that were recently launched.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

20 Great Tools And Resources For Creating And Maintaining A Website

The Internet is everywhere nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find an area of our lives into which it has yet to seep in. In these circumstances, it has become vital for all businesses to have an adequate presence online. Therefore the demand for web developers and designers has been on the rise.

Putting out quality work is essential for all web designers and developers as they have to make sure that they keep their current clients happy and attract new ones at the same time. Luckily, there are a lot of tools out there dedicated to making developers’ lives easier. We’ve had a look for ourselves and selected the best 20 that will change your workflow forever.

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When managing a website, it is vital to have as much information about the way your website is being used by visitors as possible. HotJar is the perfect tool to help web developers, UX & UI Designers, product managers and analysts gather all the information they need in order to determine if their visitors are making use of their web and mobile websites in the way they’re intended to.

Great Freebies For Designers To Download And Use

Are you looking to spruce up your website with a new design? Are you clueless on where to start? The beauty about the internet is that you can find anything including a talent for designing. The internet is a big place full of free design resources that can help you turn your boring website into a fabulous wonderland.

Design freebies can be found on almost anywhere online. Web designers offer free tips about design or free templates for your website. Most talented web designers use design freebies as a way to get their work more exposure. If you are a designer, you can use the freebies for designers to help launch your new site or create new layouts and themes.

The internet is an every evolving place. Every month new tools and utilities for developers and designers are introduced. Most of these are design freebies so that you can use to discover new ways to design or simplify your work.

It can be a daunting task to scour the internet for new design freebies every week. That is why I’ve put together this showcase to help designers be up to date with the latest trends.

Free PSD Ui kit

Free PSD Ui kit

Learn About Front End Style Guides

Style guides are something that have been around a long while. Even before the websites and internet, there were companies that needed to get their brands out there visually. They were required to come up with visuals that were both consistent and unified in delivery.

The way to achieve this, both then and now, is to employ brand identity guidelines. These type of guidelines are usually something that is included in a document, and which define certain information.

This certain information does concern itself with brand colors, typography, such as fonts, sizes, leading, or the positioning of the logo. Also, how to use it is detailed for various situations, as well. These different situations can vary greatly. One example would be print layout from web layout, which do both differ each other.

What is included in a brand or identity guide exclusively is dependent totally on the company itself. The different ways that it can range can be from a single page document to a document that is massive and comprehensive in detail.

Learn About Front End Style Guides

What does work in a very similar way to brand and identity guides is no other than front end style guides. The only difference between the two is that you are creating an identity for a website instead of one for a specific brand. This time around, the website is the brand, and a style guide for this, will be a style guide that does concern itself mainly with creating both consistency and unity that is suited for a website’s design.

Amazing New Free Fonts To Use In Your Design Projects

Typography is one of the most important elements of website design. For decades, graphic designers of print displays have long known that the right font can be just as important as striking graphics, and the same holds true for website design.

Typography is an essential element to consider in any digital project, as the way the form and geometry of a carefully-selected typeface can balance and compliment the design project as a whole can convey an undeniable sense of quality.

The science of typography as an effective tool of communicating a mood or impression is well-known. Elegant fonts make a sophisticated impression, and while premium fonts are available at some cost, there are also free fonts of good quality that can be used.

Make sure to choose the right fonts for your website in order to convey the look and feel you want. You deserve the best quality and the choicest selection for your digital design project, and we are proud to offer this collection of quality fonts to satisfy your every design need.

Uni Sans

Uni Sans Free