Tools And Apps For LESS CSS Preprocessor

If you have ever worked with CSS, then you understand more or less the process of pre-processors. If you don’t, then here’s a quick overview; pre-processors help convert the CSS code that we input to the all too familiar CSS syntax. If you’ve decided on a project that involves using CSS, then you should make use of the many options and helpful tools available to you.

One option you should look into is LESS, or Leaner CSS. This nifty CSS pre-processor allows you to add extra functionality on top of the CSS code. All the files that are used with this pre-processor will need to be compiled and translated into the CSS language in order for the browser to understand it, but the automatic compiler will help reduce any impact from the work flow.

When used properly, pre-processors are a useful tool for reducing mental effort by freeing your mind and preventing any tedious stress from switching between code. If you have a piece of code you commonly use, store it as a variable instead of hunting for it later.

Overall, the preprocessors help free up your memory while keeping your attention on the project at hand, instead of on tools and workflows.

In this article you will find tools and apps that will make it easy to work with LESS.



Free Bootstrap Admin Themes And Templates To Download

Web developers choosing to utilize the free Bootstrap framework are rewarded with speed, ease-of-use, consistent functionality and sharp design features that will work well across all platforms. Your work will appear the same on all current browsers. Dashboards and admin panels can be easily customized and will respond predictably regardless of screen resolution.

With Bootstrap, front-end web design is easier than ever. Bootstrap templates include CSS style sheets, HTML and optional JavaScript extensions. Interface components, navigation tools, typography, forms and more are at your fingertips.

Instead of tediously laboring over the perfect code, users can simply choose from a variety of ready to use templates. This is great news for beginners, because an extensive knowledge of web development principles is no longer necessary.

This free collection of Bootstrap admin themes can be easily downloaded and will have you designing your application quickly. Choose a design that will make your project look great and perform solidly. Admin themes are easily customized and include many extra add-ons, plugins and features.

AdminLTE Dasboard and Control Panel Template

AdminLTE Dasboard and Control Panel Template

20 Of The Best WordPress Themes Developers In 2014

Web designers are always looking for ways to make their work stand out and be as memorable as possible.

There’s really no better way to achieve such a result than starting off with a beautifully designed theme that mixes attractive graphics with flawless usability. A well thought of design for your website will speak for itself and leave all of your visitors with a lasting good first impression.

So, to help you set off on the right track, we’ve compiled a list of 20 sites offering amazing WordPress themes.



If you haven’t heard about Meanthemes by now, it’s a shame, but it’s not too late. What you need to know is that they’ve been around for over 10 years and are fully equipped to answer all your needs, whether you’re a local business or a multinational enterprise.

Great jQuery Fullscreen Background Image And Video Plugins

Web developers and designers often have customers that are looking for full screen content. Sometimes they want background images and videos to be stretched to fit the screen.

I noticed that especially in the last few months, there have been more and more clients that are asking for these full screen background images or videos. If clients want this, you as a web designer should not have to manually code one over and over again. There is at least one jQuery plugin that is capable of handling your client’s requirements.

A fullscreen background image will, in certain cases, make a website look cool and more attractive rather than a plain background. To complete this task a web designer can use CSS and not bother with plugins.

However, it can be done easier with jQuery plugins and in this way, you could add more custom features to the background such as an auto re-sizer to fill in the extra space on the browser. It can also add grid texture, create a slideshow in the background, and a lot more.



Want To Learn Node.js? Here Are Some Useful Tutorials

Node.js is a technology that is increasing in popularity with web developers. Not too many people know what this new technology is. Node.js is a server-side JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous event-driven model.

What all this translates to is rather simple, the environment is used for writing scalable network applications that have a high performance. Some have compared this to the Ruby Event Machine or Python’s Twisted, but this software goes even further. Node.js uses the event loop as a language instead as a library.

According to the textbook definition, Node.js is built using Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for an easy built network application. Node.js uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model. This device is lightweight and great for data-intensive real-time applications. This program can run through distributed devices.


That is not all that Node.js can do. There are thousands of different modules for many different purposes even though this project is young.

Why should you learn Node.js

With a complete understanding of Node.js you will be able to do amazing things online. You can use it to develop real-time, scalable web applications. You will also be able to adapt to emerging and new JavaScript frameworks like Derby.js or Meteor.js

Unlike the past times where you needed to know the server-side languages (including PHP, Rails, Java, and Perl) that were needed to develop web based applications, nowadays there is much more that can be done with JavaScript alone.