PrestaShop Is Helping You Create Your Online Store, And You Can Do All For Free

Have you always had a desire to create and run your own store online? Have you felt inhibited by a lack of knowledge about how to start one, or about which shopping solution to use?

This article will provide you with answers you need! I will give you an introduction to the main features of PrestaShop, a popular open-source e-commerce shopping cart solution that is completely free to use and already has a large community using it.


PrestaShop is a full e-commerce shopping cart platform that is ideal for retailers of all shapes and sizes, as it is completely customizable to your own individual needs.

In addition, PrestaShop is entirely free. This means that you can use this software without a cost barrier to entry, allowing you to maintain ultimate flexibility in your online store.

Inky Deals Giveaway: 11inch MacBook Air & Design Resources worth $200,480

We are happy to announce another massive giveaway from Inky Deals that comes with a free pack of premium resources worth $66. The freebie is sent to the email address you use to enter the contest and is part of The Epic Bundle: $20,048 worth of Top-Quality Resources From $49.


About Inky Deals

Inky Deals is the place to go if you want premium resources at unbeatable prices whether you’re a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work. They’re the only ones who offer a 200% money back guarantee on every product. This means that if you’re not happy with it, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product.

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How Much Designers And Developers Make In Various Countries

One of the most promising careers right now is that of a web designer. This dream job offers you the greatest opportunity to express your creative side, while working in a bright, clean and techy environment.

If you have the imagination and drive needed to get into this field, and you’ve been told you have great potential as a designer, then you should be jumping at the chance to be a web designer. There are many good web designers out there that are competing with you for the same job openings.

In order to succeed you really need to be more than a “good” web designer, you need to have that something special that makes your designs stand out. You need a tough skin to handle rejections, and perseverance to keep moving forward.

web designer

Starting a career is hard for everyone. There is much to learn in every field of study. Web designers will face their fair share of good times and moments of despair. It’s best you be prepared for whatever falls your way. Keep up with what is currently popular. Then, when you have more than a foot in the door, you can look forward to rewarding pay with lots of fun times.

Gridgum Is Hosting A Mammoth $2000 Giveaway This Month

One of the newest marketplaces for responsive themes and templates is Gridgum. This marketplace carefully assesses all items submitted before approving them, so you can be sure that all themes or templates that you buy are fully responsive and also have engaging, attractive designs.

Developers and designers can submit themes developed in a wide variety of frameworks, from Bootstrap, to Foundation, Gumby or Skeleton or even a framework they developed themselves, the only restriction is that all items have to be responsive. Also, Gridgum offers shoppers anything they might need from Bootstrap or WordPress themes, to Admin Panels.

In order to be assured that they will keep supplying shoppers with some of the best responsive themes and templates available, Gridgum is holding a giveaway this month that will definitely pique the interest of many web designers and developers. Here is what Gridgum is calling their Mammoth June $2000 giveaway.

All developers that publish themes on Gridgum by June 30th2014 are eligible to be a part of this giveaway that includes the following prizes.

The first prize Gridgum is giving out is $100 for the first 10 developers who submit their themes. In order to be eligible for this prize, you must be a first time submitter on Gridgum. But, don’t worry, all the rest of the prizes are for all publishers.

The second prize is for the theme with the best Admin panel that gets $250. The third prize is for the developer who submits the best WordPress theme and is worth $250.

The big prize will go to the developer or designer that has the best overall theme and is worth $500.

The first three prizes are for both exclusive and non-exclusive themes, while the big prize is only available for Gridgum exclusive themes.

So, all you have to do in order to be in the running is go over to Gridgum and check to see if your theme respects the following criteria:

1. It has to follow the submission guidelines defined by Gridgum;
2. It has to show high quality and be visually memorable;
3. In order for a theme to eligible, the item must be approved;
4. The item must be kept online on Gridgum marketplace for at least 6 months after it has been accepted;

…and a few others, read more here:

Gridgum 1

Giveaway: Get 3 Developer Subscriptions From Elegant Themes And The New Divi 2.0

Elegant Themes is an excellent source of high quality premium themes. It’s a very well known brand for WordPress users having over 200.000 satisfied customers who enjoy reliable solutions available at low prices. A pack of 87 themes that you can use for an unlimited number of times is available for only $69.

Elegant Themes is perhaps best known for their high resolution graphics that they use in their themes. The themes are colorful with great contrast and they are not distracting to the viewers.

Giveaway: Get 3 Developer Subscriptions From Elegant Themes And The New Divi 2.0 1