Rising Trends in Web Design: Extensive WordPress Themes

How is your design practice getting along?

Are you stepping into the new year with big plans, like the rest of us?

Well, I’ll warrant that we’re all in for some pleasant surprises. There is a growing market for resources that offer wholesome packages, and a new generation of WP themes is on the rise.

A Shift in WP website creation

The times when we felt like we had no choice but join up with developers on every single project are not that far behind us. Neither are the days when website responsiveness was a rare attribute. It’s a matter of a couple of years. Can you see just how fast is web design changing?

Another example: type kits and their previously exclusive status. Using gorgeous fonts and typefaces used to be a privilege that only big budgets could afford. And now, nearly every WP theme worth mentioning includes Google Fonts, and type kits are either free or very accessible in terms of cost.

Unbelievable as it may seem, the future of web design lies with WP themes that don’t just encompass all of the newly established norms (clean code, responsiveness, type kits), but go even further with shortcodes, and an extended range of capabilities. I am particularly rooting for new techniques that optimize image loading and responsive re-sizing (i.e. websites with large image and video backgrounds).

Coming On Strong: X Theme

Coming On Strong: X Theme

What You Should Know Before Going Freelance

Many people would love to be able to set their own work hours, create their own success and be their own boss.

Going freelance full time can seem like the ideal way to make this dream come true, but the reality is that the lifestyle of a freelancer is not for everyone. Someone who enjoys team work and likes chatting with co-workers in the office will not be suited to the independent life of being a freelancer.

What You Should Know Before Going Freelance
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Even if you can imagine yourself as a successful consultant, copywriter or technical expert, going freelance is still a huge leap of faith when you give up a regular salary. There will always be some people who will be less successful working on their own than they are in a steady corporate nine-to-five environment.

You may dream of becoming empowered by going freelance and of being freed from your usual work routine, but you should be aware that working as a freelancer is not always perfect.

You have to be able to hustle and be capable of self motivation, in addition to coping with cash flow problems. A freelancer also has to be able to deal with loneliness, overcome the fear of rejection and communicate effectively with clients.

Before you reach a decision about whether or not you should be going freelance, you should get to know every aspect of what life is really like for a freelancer.

What Is Usability Testing

Usability testing is the best method there is for identifying issues with a new design for a digital service, a product or a website. This form of testing allows a technical team to see exactly how effective a newly designed application, service or digital product will be when a customer or a website visitor is using it.

Web designers, however skilled they are, need to do some usability testing if they want the user interface to work effectively. Testing allows them to evaluate the design of the interface so they can be sure that it will be possible for every user to understand what to do.

This is a far more valuable technique than any form of testing that is set up without actually involving a real live person to provide answers about the usability of a new interface.

Usability testing allows a designer and a developer to sit in a room with the website owner or product retailer, and watch while a real live person is trying to figure out how to do something on a newly designed interface. The designer obviously knows how to do it, but when more than one user is unable to see what it is they need to do, then there is an obvious design fault that has to be dealt with.

What Is Usability Testing

During usability testing, a real person is using the interface in front of a designer and a developer. The user might be focusing on something they are having difficulty with, and is unable to make the newly designed interface to perform a particular task.

Why You Should Go Freelance

The reasons are many as to why people choose to freelance. Sometimes, it is literally out of necessity, in some cases to go along with a person’s schedule and when they are free to accept jobs. Other times, it can be for other reasons, and some of these other reasons can range greatly one from the other.

Another reason that people go freelance is for extra work and extra money. Why not take advantage of your various skills and use them for profit? It is something that does make perfect sense in all the right ways. Going freelance is freedom to choose the career that fits you the best.

Why You Should Go Freelance
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There are others though, who do tend to, take a more calculated step into the world of freelancing. Why is this? The answer is maybe he or she becomes thoroughly tired of the corporate world or maybe they were born to do freelance. Whatever the answer is.

Startup Framework For WordPress – An Easy Way Of Making Beautiful Websites

Decisions, decisions… Web developers and web designers have to make good calls every day, whenever clients get them started on a creative project. It’s not easy to discern your best options out of a plethora of services and products.

The industry today has grown to have loads of resources for website creation, especially an awful amount of themes. When you deliberate which theme to use, it makes sense to search specifications and see whether they complement your unique project requirements.

Designmodo has a great solution for landing pages and startup company websites: Startup Theme for WordPress.


This theme was initially launched a while ago, only it has since been honed to get along famously with WordPress. As a matter of fact, it is now laden with customization options, and utterly flexible.