Don’t Make These Landing Page Mistakes If You Want Conversions

A landing page needs to tell a story that seamlessly leads visitors towards a strong call to action. A landing page which successfully converts visitors into paying customers can be a sales page, it may show a video or it could be an email opt-in.

Whatever the design and content, you must be sure to avoid landing page mistakes which will turn visitors away and lose conversions.

A landing page has to grab a visitor’s attention within the first five seconds, so it has to be kept as simple as possible. Most Internet users are impatient, so it they don’t instantly grasp what a page is about they will not bother to see what is on it.

Nobody wants to have to think too much when reaching a landing page, so to avoid confusing your visitors you do need to be sure that your ads and your landing page are closely matched.

Don't Make These Landing Page Mistakes If You Want Conversions
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If you don’t want to kill off your conversions, there are even more landing page mistakes to avoid.

Design Quotes That Will Keep You Inspired And Motivated

There is so much brilliant inspiration that can be gained from design quotes, such as “You can design and create the most wonderful place in the world”.

But it takes people to make the dream a reality.’ (famous quote by Walt Disney) and this is so true that with all the colours, textures and great array of design options we have available to inspire us it is the people actually working on our team that help to motivate us.

Our aim is that each quotation will give the reader further insight and inspiration into the world of design. We have so many successful people in the industry that we can draw from.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” (Steve Jobs) It is important to remember that in design it is the impression and working of the piece as a whole and how it comes together rather than each individual aspect.

We can find inspiration from such a great array of famous people, from fashion design, interior design and even computer design. It is such a varied and complex, interloping field that inspiration can really come from quotes from the farthest stretches of the imagination.

Virtually every building, piece of art, contains design elements and wisdom that can be used to give new direction and approach to your design work.

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Using Side Menus In Web Design – Showcase And Best Practices

All the websites that you frequent have a navigation menu. These menus allow visitors to easily visit the different pages and without them, it would be a lot harder if not impossible to explore your favorites sites.

For this reason, many information architects, designers and user experience designers spend a lot of their time and resources coming up with user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing navigation systems.

Back in the day, sidebar menus were all the rage but they were ditched in favor of horizontal navigation bars. However, times have changed and now these menus are gaining popularity once again. This is due to sidebar menus being created nowadays with clever animation effects or large icons that enable them to conveniently slide in and out of view.

Sidebar menus are becoming more useful; especially when used in parallax-based and modern long one-page websites. In addition, photography templates and creative online portfolios are becoming more and more obsessed with this approach to easy navigation. This surge in popularity, for sidebar menus, is due to the convenience, density, and versatility that are inherent to these types of navigation menus.

Over the past couple of years, there have been mixed reviews about the vertical navigation and its limitations but hopefully, taking a look at the websites listed below will convince you that, when done well, these sidebar menus are an excellent addition to any site.

How To Build The Landing Page That Your Visitors Need

There is more than one way of building a great landing page, but when you want to increase your chances of getting it right, there are a few basic rules to be followed and several elements that remain constant in landing page design.

The main consideration in landing page design is to determine how an average customer thinks. Once you have a basic understanding of what they look for, you can create something that makes your offer appear quite unmissable.

In addition to knowing what the customer wants and providing it, the main aim of landing page design is to create something that is going to attract customers away from competitors. This is attainable, but it does require some clever use of psychology.

A visitor might arrive at a landing page looking for value, for testimonials, a particular niche product or the best price. Keep in mind that visitors want to find what they have been searching for online.

It must be obvious from the start what a landing page is about and who it’s aimed at. Some landing pages are designed to attract people working in a type of industry or business customer, and many of them focus on an angle that will attract a specific type of consumer.

Fixed Navigation Delivers A Better User Experience

Navigation bars in a site are more of a visual guide on what that particular site is offering and some of the responses it expects from you, the user. In another sense, it can be viewed as a road with many destinations which reaches out to all the new people who visit a site.

Without navigation, websites would be plain difficult to use as navigation is always the key to guiding readers through a website’s contents. Navigation also helps readers to easily find what they were looking for much faster as compared to if they had to skim the whole website.

However, navigation may not be all that simple to use since most websites require that the user scrolls back to the top of the website before navigating to a different page.

Thus, fixed navigation bars come to the rescue. These can scroll down a page with you an even collapse and reappear just at the click of a button. They also automatically interact with with a user by adjusting themselves as the user browses. The versatility they offer ultimately add to the overall attraction of the site. site with fixed navigation

Long websites that are filled with lots of content like blogs would greatly benefit from fixed navigation systems. This is because the fixed elements in this website are placed relative to the user’s browser rather than to the page. Therefore, as a user scrolls down, the fixed elements maintain their positions while the actual content moves.