Avoid Making These Mistakes When Designing An App

Mobile app development has grown exponentially in terms of jobs and revenues. According to a 2013 report, there are roughly 600,000+ App Economy jobs within the 28 members of the European Union, 60% of which are mobile app developers.

Even with all this hype, there’s a chance for even expert developers to make big mistakes along the development cycle. This sometimes could endanger the mobile product or even the brand itself.

Developers, software businesses and app companies are all engrossed in one way or the other in a constant acquiring process that makes them create eye-catchy and fast-selling mobile apps that will somehow produce good results. But beware, there are some common traps in the development process that developers commonly try to avoid.

Before you become an expert in mobile development, you should know about these pitfalls. Not only that, but you should also know about UI alternatives that best suit your thinking style and at the same time keep the user engaged.

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Designing An App
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App development is a lucrative career. Top apps, once popular, can generate huge income for their developers, but before you make money, you need to put lots of hours into creation that great app. Considering this, it’s not uncommon for you to hit big with your first app, especially if you avoid the simple mistakes that jeopardize many new app developers’ success.

Did You Think Designing A Call To Action Button Is Easy?

An effective call to action button is one of the most important elements in any website design. Website visitors might exit a website if they cannot find where they need to go next. When people see a very obvious button to click, this will lead more visitors to your sales page, or to the content you want them to view.

Button designs can be attractive as well being functional. The submit button at the end of a form, or any button that shows the user where to click is an essential part of website interaction.

There are many different ways of designing a call to action button. On most websites these buttons appear to be of a similar design, but it is possible to create something unique that will work well as a call to action. It can be made to look simple, at the same time using subtle elements of design that are known to encourage interaction.


A call to action button that is large enough to stand out, possibly with some white space around it, and featuring contrasting colors with some appropriate text, will result in many more conversions from website visitors.

An interface will contain different elements, and there could be a number of other buttons placed on the page. A call to action button is the most important and therefore has to be designed to form a focal point. It must be larger and more prominent than any other button if it is to stand out as being something of importance.

How To Design A Great Website? Start With Some Design Inspiration

The Internet is a crowded place with many websites vying for the attention of busy consumers. It’s not uncommon for websites to see bounce rates as high as 70%. In order to attract and engage visitors, a website must stand out. The best way to do that is by choosing a bold design that also improves usability.

When a site has optimized its layout, it makes a statement. The right things will pop and the visitor will understand exactly what is expected of them. On the other hand, cluttered sites with limited white space and too many calls to action can confuse visitors. Confused visitors won’t take any action and will most likely leave the site quickly.

The first step to optimizing a site is to determine what is necessary in order to achieve desired goals and functionality. This will act as the foundation for everything else – colors, pictures, layout, etc. Looking at other sites for design inspiration can help get the creative process on the right track.

Because the creative design is so important, it’s important to take action. Great sites aren’t designed based on luck; they’re designed after careful research and testing has been done. Use the examples provided to find the inspiration needed for your website.


vintageproductions.eu site design

Everything You Need To Know About Material Design

The main rule of Google has always been to follow the needs of the user. They then believe that the rest will follow.

Google believes that by developing a good sense of material design they will give the users an experience which is fluid and easy, and one that will make them want to come back again and again.

One of the key elements of material design is to allow the user the ability to interact with different functions on a platform in a way that is seamless.

The principles of material design

This idea follows the idea that there is a space that is tactile for the user and which is free to roam around. Originally it was inspired by ink and paper, but is far more advanced and incorporates a sense of magic as well.

The material is realistic in that it contains surfaces and edges for the user. However, at the same time their is the ability to move through out this space in a way that is far more advanced and flexible, whilst still staying firmly routed within the realm of modern physics.

The principles of material design
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There is a focus on the use of light and movement and the fundamental elements that these processes provide. There is a focus on how these elements relate to one another and how they co exist.

How To Design A Great Product Page For Your Online Shop

Running an e-commerce site is one great way of securing financial freedom, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of things that you have to take care of and there is much responsibility on your shoulders. For example, it is vital that you place emphasis on your product pages.

Your product pages will always play a great role in the success of your e-commerce site. Exceptional product pages are well-known for high conversions. This is the primary reason why many business experts encourage e-commerce entrepreneurs to use high quality product pages for their sites.

It is amazing to see that many entrepreneurs have poor product pages. Why are there so many bad product pages in existence? Why are some entrepreneurs ignoring the importance of designing a product page that will maximize conversions for their business?

Each site visitor represents the efforts that e-commerce site owners invest in getting traffic to their website. It is detrimental for anyone to put their time, money, and effort behind a bad product page. It is your responsibility to create a product page that will give your visitors an experience that will influence them to become customers.

How To Design A Great Product Page For Your Online Shop
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