Fixed Navigation Delivers A Better User Experience

Navigation bars in a site are more of a visual guide on what that particular site is offering and some of the responses it expects from you, the user. In another sense, it can be viewed as a road with many destinations which reaches out to all the new people who visit a site.

Without navigation, websites would be plain difficult to use as navigation is always the key to guiding readers through a website’s contents. Navigation also helps readers to easily find what they were looking for much faster as compared to if they had to skim the whole website.

However, navigation may not be all that simple to use since most websites require that the user scrolls back to the top of the website before navigating to a different page.

Thus, fixed navigation bars come to the rescue. These can scroll down a page with you an even collapse and reappear just at the click of a button. They also automatically interact with with a user by adjusting themselves as the user browses. The versatility they offer ultimately add to the overall attraction of the site. site with fixed navigation

Long websites that are filled with lots of content like blogs would greatly benefit from fixed navigation systems. This is because the fixed elements in this website are placed relative to the user’s browser rather than to the page. Therefore, as a user scrolls down, the fixed elements maintain their positions while the actual content moves.

Inspiration For Designing A Pricing Table

When it comes to creating and building websites, designers are using advanced techniques and new technology to craft the perfect site. This often means combining an easy navigation layout with a professional looking design. However, it seems that many designers are still using old pricing tables on websites.

If you are a service provider or are selling your product online, a pricing table is so much more than just an element where users can click through to your payment processor. It’s actually a place where you can include all the important details of your product or service and provide a call-to-action to further entice the user to make the purchase.

For the majority of people, using a pricing table on their website is mandatory. However, it’s important not to use just any pricing table. You have to take all your options into consideration and find out what will work best for you.

There are 3 main things to consider when you are thinking about pricing tables. First, make sure the pricing table is easy to access, it might be best if placed at the bottom of your homepage or on the page of the respective product/service that you are trying to sell. Second, maintain your design and layout throughout the whole site.

In other words, if you are using a certain color on your home page then be consistent, don’t switch it up and change everything around. Third, be concise and give your users the information that they need, but don’t ramble on and include unnecessary details. Make the most important information the easiest to read by using different styles and font sizes.

When you are designing a pricing table it’s good to have some inspiration for you to work with. Instead of searching the internet for hours trying to find sites with great pricing tables, you can simply take a look at pricing page inspiration.

Creating A Great User Experience With Responsive Web Design

Tablets, mobile phones, and even lighter, easy-to-carry laptops are in the hands of more and more people as time passes and technology advances. By the year 2015, there will be more mobile users than desktop users, which means it’s increasingly important for companies to transition their focus toward mobile internet users.

Additionally, it’s imperative that companies design their platforms to work across all types of devices, no matter the screen size or shape, through the use of responsive design.

By definition, responsive web design is a system whereby the desired website responds to the particular device on which it is being displayed in order to show the site with full visible content.

From small mobile smartphones to tablets and laptops, responsive web design allows optimal viewing on any device. By using flexible grids and creative styling, it is possible to display the website’s content in a format that suits the width and configuration of any user device.

Creating A Great User Experience With Responsive Web Design

To help determine how the layout of a website will appear, breakpoints are used in conjunction with the design process. Generally speaking, breakpoints are the specific points where the site’s content begins to provide the best visual layout in the way the users wish to use the content.

iOS 8 Concepts That Will Impress You

Living in the age of computers, we sometimes take our technology for granted. There can be no question that iOS 7 and iOS 8 were both huge leaps forward in the lifespan of mobile operating systems.

However rewarding it is to look back and revere those accomplishments, now is the time to look forward to the next challenge and determine what can be done better, and how. Despite the efficiency and functionality of iOS 7 and iOS 8, there is always room for improvement, and we look to inspire that improvement with some potential design concepts highlighting aesthetics and functionality.

Some designers, independent of the new iOS 8 design, have taken the liberty to describe some of their own concepts which they would have showcased with the new iOS 8. While some of these new concepts are moderately realistic, focusing on the qualities of utilities and interfaces, some are quite advanced, futuristic and bold.

Having the courage to challenge what is possible and make the impossible a reality is what computer science has always been about and iOS 8 is no exception. These iOS 8 design concepts are exemplary of this fact. With any luck, Apple or other operating systems designers will read some of these ideas and implement them in the future. Besides the conceptual iOS8 native apps design, there are also designs of custom made apps that were made with iOS 8 in mind.

Ios 8 Infinity

Ios 8 Infinity

Eye Candy User Interface Design Inspiration

When designing a web-based app or mobile app, you must not only think about the content of the app but also about the functionality. In many cases, you must focus even more on the functionality of an app and use a great UI design in order to create an app that is not only useful, but also engaging.

People choose to use apps because they help them accomplish some type of task or provide some type of entertainment value. While they won’t simply use an app because the interface is pretty or the flow of interface is superb, having a UI that is both gorgeous and easy to use is always a huge bonus especially when you consider user satisfaction.

Web and mobile apps that feature a spectacular UI that is intuitive, gorgeous and engaging will enhance the user experience of your app which will implicitly increase the popularity of the app.

Quality UI design is much like web design with the same principles of colors, layout and whitespace applying in almost exactly the same ways. However, it is imperative that you also invest more time and thought into both the look and flow of your user interface as well.

Users of your app will not just be looking at it, they will be interacting with it. Because of this it is paramount that you focus quite a bit of attention on your user interface so you can create the perfect interactions for your visitors.

Using UI design inspiration allows you to learn how other designers have accomplished these tasks in the past so you aren’t left on your own creating an interface for the first time.

You will learn what people expect from a user interface and how to implement these designs to create a truly spectacular app. With UI design inspiration you will be encouraged to approach the design for your app from different angles so you can create the best UI for your app.

Stack Lighting iOS App

Stack Lighting iOS App User Interface Inspiration