Eye Candy User Interface Design Inspiration

When designing a web-based app or mobile app, you must not only think about the content of the app but also about the functionality. In many cases, you must focus even more on the functionality of an app and use a great UI design in order to create an app that is not only useful, but also engaging.

People choose to use apps because they help them accomplish some type of task or provide some type of entertainment value. While they won’t simply use an app because the interface is pretty or the flow of interface is superb, having a UI that is both gorgeous and easy to use is always a huge bonus especially when you consider user satisfaction.

Web and mobile apps that feature a spectacular UI that is intuitive, gorgeous and engaging will enhance the user experience of your app which will implicitly increase the popularity of the app.

Quality UI design is much like web design with the same principles of colors, layout and whitespace applying in almost exactly the same ways. However, it is imperative that you also invest more time and thought into both the look and flow of your user interface as well.

Users of your app will not just be looking at it, they will be interacting with it. Because of this it is paramount that you focus quite a bit of attention on your user interface so you can create the perfect interactions for your visitors.

Using UI design inspiration allows you to learn how other designers have accomplished these tasks in the past so you aren’t left on your own creating an interface for the first time.

You will learn what people expect from a user interface and how to implement these designs to create a truly spectacular app. With UI design inspiration you will be encouraged to approach the design for your app from different angles so you can create the best UI for your app.

Stack Lighting iOS App

Stack Lighting iOS App User Interface Inspiration

Designing Usable Sign Up Forms

Many business websites have delved into the profitable habit of retaining contact details of their users and visitors. They have a variety of ways to ensure that this information is given to them.

You have probably visited and navigated through a website then find a link to an item of interest. Then when you click on it, a simple popup appears, prompting you to sign in or sign up. They usually require your contact information which may contain details like your e-mail address, user name and password.

This information may seem like protocol but it acts as a very important tool for marketing. Through it, you can alert the users and visitors in your website about new items of interest.

Designing Usable Sign Up Forms
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How you present and the appearance of such user input interfaces is key to achieving the dream behind your website. We will have a detailed look at this sign up design issue in order to give your user input interfaces the look and feel they deserve.

Examples Of How To Use Typography Properly In Web Design

Have you ever visited a website you thought had good information but did not feel like reading through the web page? Chances are that the website had paragraph after paragraph of text with no headings. This is an example of the use of poor typography is web design.

Although some website owners are tempted to think that only quality content matters, readability matters as well. Typography is one of the most important elements of good design that is overlooked by many.

Good website typography makes web pages more appealing. As a result of good typography, you can lead a reader across a web page based on the usage of font characteristics and images.

Typography is not just about using different fonts types and sizes. It is about understanding that the use of different font characteristics allows readers to organize information into separate chunks and thereby process the information better.

typekit.com typography based site design

As a result, you can get your important points across and communicate better. Although mastering good typography demands extensive experimentation and understanding of web design, it is well worth the effort to keep readers engaged and not lose visitors.

UI Design Showcase – Audio Players

Interface design always plays a key role in the art of creating the perfect user experience. When companies are hiring, they look for people who know a little bit of user experience and not just UI design. A good design requires a balance.

The interface should be attractive and practical while maintaining an easy to use functionality. It is important to keep this balance in mind when creating any UI, but it is especially important to keep this in mind when creating an audio player interface.

The best way to learn anything is through inspiration and by practicing, and UI design is no exception. Again, it’s worth mentioning that there should be a balance between creativity and user experience. Creativity is important in order to keep UI designs fresh and innovative.

You should also study what has been done in the past so that you know what works and what does not. Another reason to study other designs is the amount of time you can save if you do.

The following gallery includes some different UI designs. These designs are meant to showcase the originality and creativity of the artists. If you are the type of person that likes to design their own interface, then these examples may help to get your creative juices flowing.

Remember, an audio player design should be attractive and easy to use at a first glance. Over time, as you refine your interface, it should get cleaner and easier to use. Keep these concepts in mind as you hone your skills so you can stay on the cutting edge of design.

Music app

Music app

What You Need To Know About Onboarding Users

Once you have tempted users to download your mobile app, it’s important to make them familiar with your app with a good onboarding experience. Your immediate question would be – how do I keep them engaged and make them understand the simple workflow of the app navigation? Once you make a striking first impression on fresh users, it becomes natural to make them feel good about your app.

But what is this onboarding? It is the process by which we make a new user familiar with the app. The main purpose of these onboarding screens is to let the user walk through the app and demonstrate the different features with simplest of introduction.

Since the onboarding screens are the first set of graphical elements which users interact with, it’s imperative that they set standards to what a user expects out of an app. So a developer must take care when creating the product and give sufficient time for development to evaluate whether onboarding is necessary for the app, and if so, find out the best way to do it.

What You Need To Know About Onboarding Users
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Mobile analytical research has shown that 22% of downloaded apps are only used once. This is why exceptional first-time user experience is crucial for the viability of the app.