Creative Identity And Branding Packages You Need To See

The concept of branding doesn’t stop at logo design, it is something that we help our clients with, similar to writing or usability, and it has to be reflected in the content, style and feel of any design that we create for a company, whether it’s a brochure, business card, letterhead or website.

The brand is a complex concept which includes the brand name, positioning, management, equity, awareness, image, value and definition. It is a combination of what you want your customers to think about you and what they actually think. It is created from various elements like the logo, colors, the type of language used in the brand message, the quality of services etc.

Thus, making a good visual identity for a company is really important and difficult at the same time. While on some companies you have branding guidelines which you have to respect and which makes your work easier, on others you are given a big blank which you have to fill successfully.

Nothing can be done without a little bit of research and today in this article you will see a showcase of identity and branding packages that haven’t been featured before on this site and which I’m hoping will help you to develop a brand especially when you are not given a branding style guide and have to do it from scratch.


Trafiq Identity and branding inspiration

February Identity And Branding Inspiration – 30 Logos

When you start a business, even if it’s a small one, you gave to make your brand recognizable. Some clients know that and that’s why they are approaching designers to create it, instead of doing it themselves.

To make your brand recognizable, a lot of your investment should go into marketing, but before that, the logo of your business must be the pillar of your brand identity and as a designer you have to be very careful when designing a logo.

One way of doing that is by making sure you will deliver the best design to your client and research along with inspiration are very important aspects of logo designing.

Although there are fewer logos to choose from at the end of the month, I still managed to get a fresh batch of quality inspiration for the logo designers who are in a creativity crisis.

You have here in this article a gallery of 30 logos with various styles, just good for you to see various types of logos and also various ways that designers have though of to create a logo.


CreaSoul Logo Design Inspiration

The Best Logo Designs Of January – 30 Examples

There’s a lot of talk regarding what makes a logo efficient and impressionable, but what we surely know is that a creative logo has a lot more chances in the market against other logos because it attracts more attention than a plain, regular one.

That doesn’t mean though that the logo must be stuffed with a lot of visual elements, but instead it must keep a rather minimalist look so that it can be creative and simple at the same time.

The logos in this article follow more or less this line and I’m sure you will like them.


Bull Logo Design Inspiration

The Best Logo Designs Of December – 29 Examples

December is a month that delivers little inspiration due to the holidays that are at the end of the year, finishing with the end of the year. This is a time when only a few unfortunate fellows are working and the rest are resting, partying, spending time with family or friends or doing something completely different than working.

Even if the workload is thin, a few interesting logos still appeared on various logo galleries throughout the web. 29 of these interesting logos are here in this article thanks to the hard working logo designers who made and promoted them.

Pirate Paper

Pirate Paper Logo Design

Logo Designs Worth Your Attention In November – 36 Examples

Believe it or not, November is almost over and an article featuring the logos launched during this month is appropriate to be written for you guys to get a little more inspiration. The article has logos that were made for clients or just for fun and varying in style, from typography based ones to the regular pictogram logos. I’m feeling a little bit sorry that I had to select from a list of a little over 200 logos and ended up with only 36 but quality is always better than quantity.


Jungle Logo Design