The Logo Design Inspiration You Were Waiting For In June

It is a pleasure to see that designers are creating wonderful logos month after month, inspiring young logo designers with their works and, most importantly, satisfying the clients’ branding requests.

I’m delivering to you some of the best logos that have been featured in logo galleries in the beautiful month of June, when designers are working hard, even though most people are on vacation.

I wasn’t expecting to find so many good logos this month, but I’m glad I did. There are 48 logos in this article that I hope will be inspiring for logo designers.


Logica Logo Design

Gorgeous Logos Showcased in May – 37 Examples

The beauty of some logos is impressive and I wish I could publish these articles more often, but selecting the best logos that were published during a month has to be rigorous so that you will get only the best inspiration and not a whole bunch of logo articles of mediocre quality.

In the last month of spring, designers have uploaded wonderful designs to various logo galleries, the best of them being included in this article. These are from various talented logo designers from around the world.

Some of these designers you may know considering that they’ve been featured on this site repeatedly, while others are new and I’m glad I can promote their great work.


Oktolab Logo Design

The Best Logo Design Inspiration Of April – 45 Logos

Your logo is how you present your brand in front of the desired audience and it is never an easy process to create the right design. You must be very careful to make it minimalist, symbolic for your business, not crowded with various elements.

A logo usually has a defining element or style. For example, it can have beautiful typography or it can be colorful, have a double meaning or another memorable and interesting feature.

There are designers who say they don’t use inspirational galleries to boost their ideas, but the truth is that seeing what others have done is really helpful. In this article you have 45 beautiful logos which have been featured in logo design galleries in the month of April.

Save energy

Save energy Logo Design Inspiration

Film Themed Logo Designs for Inspiration – 62 Logos

A lot of the time a logo is the very first point of introduction between a company and a potential client. It’s like an ambassador that communicates what the company is all about. For that reason companies invest a lot of thought and effort into their logo design, thus ensuring that their message is broadcasted loud and clear.

Logos from companies in media and design industry are especially interesting, because when a company is promising to be creative for a client, you expect it to be creative with everything that has to do with its own identity. This need to showcase creativity within the logo leads to some stunning marks.

Here’s a collection of 62 film themed logos that really stand out:

Film Kingdom

Film Kingdom Logo Design Inspiration
Author: Little Guy Logos

Colossal Pictures

Colossal Pictures Logo Design Inspiration
Author: Antonius Murdhani

Logo Designs That Make An Impression – March Edition

Designing a logo is not as easy as a regular designer may think. If you’ve wasted time on 99designs, sure, it may seem easy to design one, but it’s a little bit harder to create one that is actually successful and appreciated by fellow logo designers as well as clients and customers.

Everybody admits that research is the most important part of designing a logo. For the research to be flawless you have to take into consideration a lot of factors like the audience that the company targets, the message of the company which the logo also has to transmit, colors, style etc.

After you have done the research you have to make sure your logo is what the client requested, has a strong visual appeal, it is unique, minimal, memorable, adaptable and scalable.

In this article I gathered for inspiration a selection of 35 logo designs which make an impression and respect the logo requirements that I’ve previously mentioned.


Fruitorama Logo Design Inspiration