Designing A Website Headline – Tips And Best Practices

Designing a distinctive website is difficult, when ever more websites are appearing every day. A uniquely creative website gives the page’s brand the best chance to reach out to the intended audience, despite the internet clamor for viewers’ attention.

One way to design a distinctive landing page for a brand is to give it striking headlines. Simple memorable headlines, which underpin the aims of the web site are on any successful website.

Headlines lead site visitors to the site’s content or towards more product or service information. The whole purpose of a commercial web site is to sell goods or services and because of that, first impressions count and visitors decide in seconds whether to stay on the site or to move on.

Visitors scan web sites for words or phrases that interest them. Designers can use text, typography and type treatments to grab visitors’ interest sufficiently to make them stay beyond those crucial first instants.

20 Web Development Tools And Design Resources That Will Make Your Life Easier

In our current day and time, the Internet has become a very big part of our lives. We’ve grown accustomed to it being present in our day to day activities, being able to access it at any time from anywhere and most of all, we’ve become reliant on it to supply us with all the information we require.

Due to these factors, the web development industry has been experiencing a substantial increase in the past few years and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Naturally, as users became more used to the Internet so have the websites become more diverse.

In the quest to attract and retain as many visitors and customers as possible, web developers have had to become more and more creative and ingenious. Luckily for them, the array of tools that will make their lives easier has also grown.

Here’s a list of the top 20 best web development tools and how they’ll make your lives easier.



Animatron is a powerful HTML5 animation web app that allows you to create amazing web content that’s compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices. Animatron provides users with a completely new workflow for creating interactive web content and simplifies the process considerably.

The Animatron Editor allows you to design animation visually, so you will be able to define and customize your animations without needing any complex technical skills. Even though there’s no need to write any code – the tool provides predefined snippets of code for interactivity – it does feature a Javascript text editor for those who want to add advanced interactive events.

CSS And Javascript Animation Libraries To Create Awesome Effects

Are you in the position where you need to create some high quality animations for a web project?

Maybe you have a boss or you are working for a client and you have committed to a project that involves creating animations. If you do not have experience working with Javascript or CSS this can feel very daunting at first.

The easiest way to make your project look more professional is to use CSS3 for your transitions and animations. If you do not understand JavaScript you are limited by what you can perform. You will only be able to perform basic tasks such as triggering your animations. However, if you have some basic CSS skills you can easily apply more complex directions.

CSS Libraries

Experienced developers and web designers have already put the hard work in to create these CSS animation libraries. You can simply access the information, add an element and class to the stylesheet and use the animations you want.


The Flat Design Style That Became Status Quo

Web and user interface design is at the forefront or modern technology in terms of design and culture and one of the latest so called trends.

The term of flat design in the world of web and interface design means to remove the elements which may make a layout more complicated. This could be represented by elements such as the shadows that are found at the edges of boxes on the website, or maybe textures as well as gradients that are being used to give a certain style and look within the page.

Essentially the concept of flat design takes its inspiration from a minimalistic style. Flat design has been a popular style in recent times as it delivers a much easier user experience. Websites have now become a lot more cleaner and easier to navigate through and have an overall style which is more advanced than the previous one, call it skeumorphism if you want.

The Flat Design Style That Became Status Quo
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Improve The E-commerce Checkout Interface And Get Better Results

Many people are choosing to sell products online as it is now easier than ever. When designing and maintaining an online shop you should focus on the shopping cart as one of the main area of importance.

Having a checkout that runs smoothly and is easy to access is by far the most important element within a successful e-commerce site.

Having a well designed e-commerce website is all about getting trust from the customers and it is for this reason that the checkout area on the payment page needs to be very secure and well-designed.

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A well designed and simple layout will make the customer feel more at ease when they enter their payment information and their private details.

The problem with an e-commerce website is that if they are too vague and unwelcoming they can drive customers away. Owners of the shop then risk losing over half of all their customers. So how do you make sure that your shopping cart is well tweaked to all the potential customers? Here are a few guidelines on designing the checkout interface.