A Collection Of Beautiful Typography Designs

Since the invention of the printing press, typography has evolved to become a complicated and beautiful element of modern design. Typography is ubiquitous in daily life; every single piece of media you see was meticulously crafted to give you a specific impression of the product and brand. The appropriate use of typography can elevate a brand to an identity that sticks in the mind of the client, or turn a blog post into an extension of the ethos of your work.

The perfect melding of typography and other elements of design can evoke more than just effectiveness in the viewer, but can be just as emotionally provocative as any other piece of art. Typography brings about cohesiveness in any work that it is in, from web design to album art. With proper type, a simple page of text can become a work of art, well-balanced and perfectly proportioned.

Almost every modern designer uses various methods and styles of typography in their work, ranging from classical fonts to custom fonts made just for the company. The font choice, which is just one tool in the typographer’s tool-belt, can help your graphics become more effective in both creating a brand identity and effectively communicating the information you need to get to your customer.

Because there are so many different styles and methods of typographical design, designers have multiple sources to draw inspiration from, ranging from posters to web design. This compilation of typographical works is composed of things I’ve found that may be both beautiful and a good resource for designers looking to be inspired.

Jovial Handcrafted Font Family


Examples Of Creative WordPress Designs

WordPress designs used to be really rigid a few years back. They all looked like each other, almost like a PHP Nuke interface, but slightly better designed. Those who are young enough to not know what I’m talking about, Google it and you’ll understand quickly.

Nowadays, however, WordPress based designs are highly creative and can have a lot of different layouts with lots of graphical elements that a few years ago were only concepts that never left a .PSD file.

We have to admin that certain types of WordPress themes look similar in structure, but that only happens because they respect certain standards for the particular type of website they are designed for.

Creativity is king in this age of modern web design and there are lots of options to choose from if you are looking for a WordPress theme. On the other hand, if you want to design one, there are lots of creative examples from which to draw your inspiration from.



Get UX And UI Development Done Faster With These Tools and Resources

Developing and designing user interfaces (UI) and enhancing user experience (UX) is easier than ever before, thanks to a number of different tools and resources that are available on the market. Those of you who do so professionally probably know just how overwhelming the level of choice can be when it comes to UX and UI.

We have tried out all the leading UX and UI tools and resources and prepared a list of some of the most powerful options out there. Browse through our list and see which of the following user interface and user experience building tools and resources best suits your particular needs.



If you want a high-fidelity prototyping tool to help you visualize exactly how your real iOS, Android or Windows mobile app will work, you don’t need to look beyond Proto.io. This powerful tool will enable you to create fully-interactive prototypes of mobile app designs that will leave your clients thinking they are looking at the actual app. Since Proto.io helps create mobile app prototypes, you can emulate the full range of touch gestures, interactive animations, and screen transitions — all without coding.

Information Architecture – What It Is And What An Information Architect Does

The term information architecture is now being widely used to describe the structure and organization of information on a website and how it all fits together. The information architecture of a site can be depicted through a site map, in a diagram or on a spreadsheet.

Designers and website owners who want to make a site work for a better user experience can achieve this by planning the IA before looking into the elements of navigation – the links, menus and other interface elements that are depicted in wireframes.

Modern web design has to put the needs of users first, and planning the information architecture for a site is an essential part of creating the best user experience, which leads to greater interaction and a higher conversion rate. To gain a good understanding of IA and how it can be used to help improve the user experience, you need to know exactly what is involved in the work of an information architect.

Information Architecture
Image source

A good place to start is by looking at how information architecture differs from interactive design, and then learning how to prevent badly organized information architecture. By moving on to learn some of the techniques that can be used to improve the information architecture of a site, you will be able to see what it is about information architecture that makes web design more effective.

Hot WordPress Plugins That You Need To Check Out

WordPress is the most popular platform for websites available nowadays. Creating and managing a website on WordPress is by far the simplest process available for both experienced users and for beginners.

One of the best things about WordPress is that, due to its popularity, a very diverse array of plugins has been created in order to make the lives of WordPress users easier. There are plugins for WordPress for virtually any need you might have.

But seeing as there are so many of them out there, it can sometimes prove difficult to navigate through all of them and find the ones that will truly be useful for your website. So we thought we might help. We took a look at some of the hottest WordPress plugins available right now and we put together a list of the 10 best ones.

  1. WPAdverts

The same team that created the amazing WPJobBoard and WPHelpDesk plugins has released WPAdverts, a classifieds plugin for WordPress. This plugin will turn your site into a professional classifieds website in no time. WPAdverts will work smoothly with any theme that runs on the latest WordPress version and has a One Click Installation process.