Creating Wireframes And Prototypes? An Easy Task

Everybody now knows who Mark Zuckerberg is, everyone knows that Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people on the planet and there’s quite an impressive number of people out there who view Steve Jobs as somewhat of a saint.

My point is that having a great idea for a software or a web-based service and having the dedication and perseverance to see it through, can earn you fame and fortune almost overnight.

But first, you need that great idea. And after you get that great idea, you need to make people around you see why your idea is that great. You don’t have to be some kind of a sales genius to do it.

All you have to do is be able to define the way your application will function and interact with users in a way that is both attractive and accurate. And in order to do that, you can use a wireframe tool that will help you create a blueprint of the functionalities your application will encompass before you set to work.

Creating a wireframe is the first step in the development process and it’s one that should not be treated lightly. If you are able to properly define a wireframe for your project, then you can share it with your entire development team and you can benefit from their feedback and ideas and work towards refining your final product. Also, having a well-built wireframe will allow you to have an overview of your entire project and also get a sense of the steps you have to take in your development process.

Pidoco is a neat web-based prototyping software that will offer you every tool you might need in order to create your wireframe. Using Pidoco you’ll be able to define wireframes and UI prototypes for web, mobile and enterprise applications. The best thing about this software is that it’s very easy to use to its full potential and yield impressive results.


The Importance Of Personal Branding For Designers

Brands are the core of any business. When someone is looking to buy a product or a service, the only thing that sways them towards one option instead of another is the fact that they feel strongly about a specific brand.

Therefore, how you build the symbol of a business in various channels is crucial to attracting and keeping clients. Here are the three must-haves of personal branding.


A logo is the place where your brand is placed front and center for everyone to know. You need to have a powerful image that does justice to the product(s)/service(s), and makes one business stand out from all the rest.


A Collection Of Free Bootstrap 3 Templates

Bootstrap has become one of the top names on the market when it comes to responsive and functional design.

There are now free bootstrap templates available to web designers and web developers. Bootstrap templates can make it much easier to develop the right website using a CSS framework model.

When people use these bootstrap templates, they should realize that they can produce comprehensive website designs. They can be published to platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

If business owners want to revamp their existing site, they should look through these free bootstrap templates to understand more about what they have to offer.

These adaptable Bootstrap templates can be used for a lot of projects. Owners can upgrade their take on eCommerce, landing pages and a wide range of corporate site themes.

This can help separate these sites from many other prominent ones out on the web. In turn, this can also give businesses a competitive edge over one another with the help of responsive web design.


Landon Free Bootstrap 3 Template

PrestaShop Is Helping You Create Your Online Store, And You Can Do All For Free

Have you always had a desire to create and run your own store online? Have you felt inhibited by a lack of knowledge about how to start one, or about which shopping solution to use?

This article will provide you with answers you need! I will give you an introduction to the main features of PrestaShop, a popular open-source e-commerce shopping cart solution that is completely free to use and already has a large community using it.


PrestaShop is a full e-commerce shopping cart platform that is ideal for retailers of all shapes and sizes, as it is completely customizable to your own individual needs.

In addition, PrestaShop is entirely free. This means that you can use this software without a cost barrier to entry, allowing you to maintain ultimate flexibility in your online store.

Typography Apps For Designers And Typography Fans

Many in the business and tech worlds understand that typography is an important feature to consider. Designers are now releasing different types of typography apps for professionals to test out for themselves.

Customers will be able to work with a designer to generate more support for the ways that these typography apps tend to work. They are easy to download and will provide a comprehensive set of information about the resources that people have available.

There is actually much more to these typography apps than many would expect. There are actually extensive collections of typography related facts and media that will build the understanding that people have. Users can even try out some of the games that have been incorporated within these typography apps.

This can provide a fun and exciting way to learn more about how typeface can be customized. For those trying to get a quick overview of the fonts that are available, this is an indispensable resource that people have at their disposal. This will give customers a unique selection of typography apps that they need for these different types of projects as well.

In addition to boosting up the knowledge base of people with these apps, users will gain other benefits. They can understand more about the specific fonts that are available through different media formats.

Users will be able to customize the unique selection of typography apps that they have at their disposal. This will give people a broad understanding of how typography works.