You’re A Web Designer And You Need Icons? Check Out These Icon Packs

Icons are used everywhere on the web for providing information and guiding visitors. As such, they are quite important and can be found all over websites. They can tell visitors how to cancel transactions, move to another page, or go to the checkout. They continually deliver better communication from the webpage to the user.

Each and every web project needs icons, but creating custom icons could prove too time-consuming for most developers. On the other hand, nobody really has the time to dig through all of the free icons to find just the right ones. That would be ludicrous since there are tens of thousands of them.

But, there are plenty to be found, both commercial and personal, right here in this article. You’re sure to be able to find what you need, from mini-sets and mobile app icons to pictograms and glyphs, social services icons and lots others. So, choose what you need for your project. They’re free and you’re welcome to put them to good use.

Ingenicons – 100 Icons Set

Ingenicons – 100 Icons Set

A Neat Collection Of Free WordPress Themes

One of the most widely used platforms for blogging is WordPress. The biggest reason for this is the fact that you can customize your own blog in order to suit all of your personal preferences.

There is a massive amount of resources available that focus on quality, which is one of WordPress’ biggest and most popular benefits. New plugins and themes are added to the WordPress directory every single month.

If you are unfamiliar with CSS and/or HTML, don’t worry: we have prepared a special collection of free WordPress themes just for you.

A large amount of new themes have recently been released for WordPress, which has been keeping theme developers and theme designers extremely busy. This will enable you to update your blog if it is due or overdue for a makeover.

With so many free WordPress themes being available, it can be extremely difficult to know where to even begin. One of the most time-consuming tasks you can undertake is searching through the WordPress Theme Repository to find the right theme for your blog.

A majority of the free WordPress themes that have recently been released have been found to be really nice considering that they’ve been released for free. What this means is that they can all be downloaded, installed, and activated quickly. These themes can also easily meet any and all needs of anyone who visits your blog via any mobile device due to their responsive nature.

Maskitto Light

Maskitto Light

Websites For Educational Institutions That Don’t Look Like Crap

It’s not just commercial businesses that need effective websites, but also educational institutions such as universities, colleges and schools.

When websites for educational institutions are appealing to users, they can help attract more student applications. A well-designed website could also facilitate communication to donors, parents and students, bringing important information right to them wherever they may be located.

All good websites for educational institutions should utilize properly thought out design elements, fonts and colors. In addition, they should incorporate many of the same theories in practice as a commercial website. Often, however, a number of schools have been known to try taking the easy way out and using a basic template and only end up producing a very standard and not very user-friendly website with little or no imagination.

This article will introduce you to some modern, functional and highly attractive website designs for educational purposes. Designs for websites for educational institutions can actually make potential students want to learn and encourage them to choose a specific institution.

Freebie: 230 Doodle Stroke Icons Waiting For You To Download Them

Icons are small but they have a great importance in the overall design of a website. Using icons is one of the simplest ways to catch your visitors’ attention and direct it to the sections you want to be seen.

A fun icon pack, most than other styles, will look fun and cool on your website design, especially if your site’s target is represented by young people.

I’m giving for free today this delightful icon pack with the help of the guys from Vector Open Stock who have been producing vector graphics non-stop since 2009.

At the moment they have 1800+ originally created free vector files available for download. From funny characters to abstract backgrounds, icons, silhouettes and original floral designs, you can find a wide range of different stuff to build awesome designs and save some time instead of creating these vector items yourself.

I’ve browsed their site when I needed some files for a few of my latest projects and I noticed that they improved their search engine that learns from user behavior and displays better and better results. Pretty cool stuff.

The icon pack contains 230 doodle stroke icons that are just lovely and waiting to be used. You can use these for personal projects. If you want to use this icon pack for commercial projects, an attribution to Vector Open Stock is required.

How To Make Email Opt-In Invitations Less Intrusive And More Attractive

The naked truth is that websites rely on advertising or on selling products to survive. We know people aren’t keen on seeing ads, but this is a necessary evil.

Unfortunately, people will routinely click away if they smell the slightest whiff of a website that is trying to sell a product or service. You need a way to capture an email list that you can market to; you also need to build a strong steady stream of traffic. So how do you do this?

Do you want to grab your visitor’s attention without using hard sell tactics? Are you wondering how you can get your one time visitors to convert to regular visitors or subscribers without losing your visitors due to annoying sell tactics?

Avoid Common Mistakes by Using the Right Opt-In Plugin

You can have awesome design and flawless content, but none of this will help you succeed unless you have the right opt-in strategy. Successful websites have already figured it out. Their design is amazing, their opt-in email strategy is smart and people want to sign up to learn more about what they have to offer. You want that too, right?

Avoid Common Mistakes by Using the Right Opt-In Plugin