Searching For Free Icon Sets? Here Is A Great Collection

Icons, tiny graphics that are sometimes embedded with hot links to pages on your website, give a website a nice flow. With just a click, visitors to the site can navigate the site, visiting important pages like the store, blog or find technical support. Well-placed icons keep the flow of traffic moving from page to page, often making visitors stay longer on your site.

However, finding the appropriate icons takes some work. Typically, web designers have two choices; they can sift through massive collections of stock images choosing one of them as a graphic or design their own.

Creating an icon can take hours of work and if you need multiple icons, you could spend days on this project. If you opt for stock icons, you may not find the right image or could accidentally grab one that a competitor is using.

Don’t neglect this important feature of your website — the icons! We want to help! Here, you’ll find a collection of icon sets that will work for a variety of websites.

Themify Icons

Themify Icons

How To Have A Good Design Contract With Your Clients

People attempting to begin careers as freelancers, in any field, face one major hurdle. How do they get paid for the things they do?

There are numerous obstacles, surprises and schemes out there attempting to get free work or products from the individual with the stipulation that the first thing they must face is the “build a resume while not getting paid” approach.

It is something like working as an apprentice without being paid. Such practices are not normal and while everyone has doubts about the validity of these offers, few understand what steps they can take to avoid this pitfall.

For the average layman, drafting a contract that spells out the services that are to be provided and the compensation to be received might seem like an overpowering task. Actually, this is not the case. A simple agreement can often suffice.

Having a lawyer draft an agreement would be great, but expensive. Individuals can come to an agreement and write it in plain English. As an extra precaution, sample templates are available on the web for such agreements that can be altered as completed as needed.

How To Have A Good Design Contract With Your Clients
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The LESS Mixins That You Need If You Use This Preprocessor

If you’re not quite sure if you’re skilled enough to use a CSS preprocessor, then LESS is an excellent place to start. Keep in mind however, that preprocessors make the task of coding much easier even if it seems difficult at first. To start, check out the LESS website and download less.js.

Now you can create a .less stylesheet and place it into your HTML just as you would any other spreadsheet. Be sure to insert the JavaScript file as well; it will automatically translate the LESS code into CSS that the browser will understand.

Now you can go on writing CSS just as you normally would in the less file, and slowly begin exploring the incredible LESS features such as mixins and variables.

One of the most incredible features of the CSS preprocessor is having the ability to create mixins. These allow the user to tie a cluster of customizable values and properties into a simplified package.

In order to simplify things, you can think of a mixin in LESS like a variable with several different properties. This will come in handy when using CSS3 properties.

Like countless others, you are sure to be extremely impressed with the power Less mixins provide.

LESS Hat: Get MORE of LESS with 86 smart mixins.


Manage Your Relationship With Your Clients Is By Using An Online Help Desk

Every business owner worth his (or her) money knows that the customer is always right. And for those who work in supplying services for clients also know that the he is very aware that he’s never wrong.

Naturally, even with the best intentions from both sides, a business relationship can quickly go south if there are any communication problems between the supplier and the buyer. The best way to manage your relationship with your clients is by using an online help desk that will provide you both with a structured and easy to use medium where customers can post any issues they encounter and receive support straight from the provider.

By posting these tickets and receiving feedback on them as fast as possible, clients will be assured that their provider is doing his best to supply their every need.

Naturally, there’s a reason why there are businesses out there that already offer their clients an online help desk and that reason is the fact that for a long time, setting up a ticketing system was very expensive and took quite a bit of time.

Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. WPHelpDesk is a plug in for WordPress that will help you set up and launch your online help desk in no time. It will provide you with all the tools you need to organize and manage all customer tickets and respond to them efficiently.

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Tips For Designing A Portfolio That Gets You Clients

Every freelancer is a one-person business. If you design websites, create graphics, do programming or write copy, you need to be concerned with establishing your brand. This is what sets you apart and makes it easy for clients to remember you.

Your portfolio website is the place to show off your best work and establish your brand. It needs to be easy to get to, pleasing to the eye and professional looking. It is a combination of business card, elevator pitch and samples of your work.

The thought of putting together a website that is a true client-getter can be intimidating. But it is actually less complicated that you might realize. There are four main goals you need to keep in mind when you set up your portfolio site.

Make it:

  • easy to use and navigate
  • simple: let the work speak for itself
  • easy for clients to see your strengths
  • professional looking


For example, a web designer should put together a site that focuses on style and great design work. The page setting for your work should be easy to navigate, with easy-to-read fonts. Think what the client would want in his own site and emphasize those elements.